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Workout and diet secret of 19-year-old Kuwar Amritbir Singh that helped him set 2 fitness records


Getting fit doesn’t necessarily need membership of a premium gym. You can also get fit by exercising at home if you are determined to achieve your objective. This is what Kuwar Amritbir Singh’s story teaches us. The 19-year-old teen from Umarwala village in the Gurdaspur district of Punjab holds two fitness records but surprisingly has never set a foot in the gym. He recently set the world record by doing 99 knuckle push-ups in a minute all by exercising at home with makeshift weight lifting equipment. In an interview with ETimes Lifestyle, Singh revealed his diet and fitness routine that helps him achieve his goal. You too can take inspiration from it and get fit by exercising on your own. Here’s a lowdown of our chat.

When did you start training?
I have read a lot and played the character of Bhagat Singh and Uddham Singh several times in the school play. These great people inspired me to do something exceptional. So, taking inspiration from them I started my training when I was around 15 years old.

What inspired you to break the push-up record?
It is a misconception that one cannot get fit only by exercising at home. I wanted to motivate the youth who think that going to the gym is the only way to stay fit. Breaking the record was just proof that determination is the key to success not how expensive your gym is.

Who is your inspiration?
It is hard to name a single individual. I credit my success to every single individual in this world who has done great things to achieve their goals. They are the ones who inspired me to make a name of my own.

What are your plans for the future?
There is no action hero in the Punjabi film industry. So, I am working on my action and acting skills to become the first action hero in Punjabi movies.

How does your diet look like?

I do not follow a fixed diet. I eat the same food prepared for other members of my family. For breakfast, I have parathas and curd. For lunch, I have pulses, vegetables and rice and the same goes for dinner.

What’s your daily workout routine?
Push-ups and plank are two main exercises that I perform twice daily. I also include variations of these two bodyweight exercises in my routine. Along with this, I do cross-fit workouts thrice a week.

How long do you exercise in a day?
Generally, I work out for 2 hours twice a day. First in the morning and then in the evening, where I try to perform different types of exercises.

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