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Winter is Coming: What Immune-Boosting Supplements Should You Get This Season?


Winter is coming, and alongside the most festive season of the year comes a lot of health conditions such as the common cold and influenza. Immune boosters and other health supplements are on demand whenever the last few weeks of the year come through. Today, the precautionary measure is used not just by the large population who have allergic and cold-related conditions but also by others that want to prevent any impacts brought by the winter season.

Taking supplements could lessen the symptoms of cold and flu, but the routine is not necessary if a person is strictly following a diet regime. An eating pattern that consists of immune-strengthening properties is always the first choice over artificial supplements when in need of nutrient supply for the overall wellness during the season. However, combining both of the choices is undoubtedly beneficial compared to picking just one of the available ways.

Food supplements are indeed effective in giving vitamins and other nutrients that a body requires to keep itself up and running. During winter, consumers adjust their supplement intakes to match the corresponding risks of the season. There are many supplemental products available on the market that offers a great deal to increase the protection of immune health, but many people are still unfamiliar with the immunity benefits that it could bring, leading to confusion as to what to buy whenever they are in a supplement aisle. What most people do not know is there are indeed specific dietary enhancers that are scientifically capable of providing the health benefits they claim.

Winter is Coming: What Immune-Boosting Supplements Should You Get This Season?

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Nutrition by Mia dietician Mia Syn shared their insights on a recent Eat This report regarding the immune-boosting supplements that are backed up by scientific evidence. The report enumerated which vitamins are actually good for the overall strengthening of the immune system.

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin due to the benefits it has with natural sunlight. Syn said that alongside the modulation of the immune system, the vitamin has relative properties that are essential for calcium and bone homeostasis. The decrease of vitamin D could lead to vulnerability from various infections. Supplements that provide vitamin D calcifediol, which enhances the vitamin three times more compared to vitamin D2 and D3 and does not need to go through a liver process like the latter.

Vitamin K2

This vitamin is a fat-soluble solution that is effective for blood coagulation. In addition to boosting calcium supply and the immune system, vitamin K2 is more active than vitamin K1 in terms of anti-inflammatory protein regulation. Vitamin K2 is also proven to work best alongside vitamin D.

Vitamin C

The most famous immune-boosting vitamin is proven to have positive effects on many cellular functions that are correlated either to the adaptive and innate immune system. Syn said that Vitamin C is the number one defense against colds through its anti-microbial properties. The best providers of its benefits could be found in liposome vitamin C supplements, which have liposome features that protect it against digestive acid and enzyme breakdowns.


Zinc’s benefits are naturally present in oysters. It has the capacity to develop and stimulate the immune cells for a better immune response of the body. According to Syn, the decrease of zinc in a body could lead to impaired immune function. The National Institutes of Health said that zinc lozenges are the best option against the common cold if taken 23 hours after the first symptom manifests.

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