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Where to buy Essiac Tea

Where to Buy Essiac Tea

Essiac tea was given its name by a Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse. We shall share with you best deals on where to buy essiac tea, it’s rich history while also delving into numerous health benefits of Essiac tea.

Many people wrongly assume that Rene Caisse invented this tea, but that’s not quite true. This tea is actually known to have originated with the Ojibwe Indian tribe. Caisse learned about the tea from one of her hospital patients, and used her name spelled backwards to name the herbal tea formula. Today, this herbal tea is the most popular herbal cancer treatment in the United States and Canada.

There are several different variations of the tea to choose from. There is a four herb version made by the Resperin Corporation, and an eight herb formula marketed under the name Flor-Essence. Both companies claim to have Caisse’s original herbal formula, but she herself never endorsed either variation of Essiac tea before she died at age ninety in 1978.

Rene Caisse was the daughter of French immigrants who came to Canada during the late 1800’s. She is probably one of Canada’s more intriguing historical figures because of the tea she made famous. During the mid 1920’s, she was the head nurse at the Sisters of Providence Hospital in a town located in northern Ontario.

While there, she had a chance conversation with an elderly patient one day, and she noticed a mass of scar tissue on the patient’s right breast.

When she asked the patient about it, the patient told her that 30 years before, the patient had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, an Ojibwe medicine man had cured her with a mixture of herbs formulated into a tea. This tea contained the herbs burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, and rhubarb root. The patient’s breast cancer had apparently been cured after she began drinking the tea every day.

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Soon after her chance meeting with the patient, Rene Caisse’s aunt was diagnosed with stomach cancer and was told she had only six months to live. Caisse rounded up the herbs for the tea and began treating her aunt with it.

Her aunt was soon cancer-free by all indications and lived for twenty-one more years without the cancer ever returning.

Her aunt’s doctor was so astonished by the effectiveness of the herbal mixture, that he began treating some of his other terminal patients with the tea. Amazingly, these other patients that modern medicine couldn’t help were getting better too.

Rene Caisse then decided to open a clinic in Bracebridge, where terminal patients from around the world came to be treated with the tea.

More health benefits of Essiac tea

Some of the people who use Essiac tea have reported the following additional health benefits :

  • Protects against the accumulation of fat deposits on artery walls, as well as in the heart, in the kidneys, and liver
  • Helps to control cholesterol levels in the bloodstream by turning fat and sugar into energy
  • Rids the body of parasites, especially in the digestive system
  • Makes muscles, tissues, and organs stronger
  • Counters the effects of mercury, lead, and aluminum poisoning
  • Promotes the strength and flexibility of bones, joint, and ligaments
  • Provides nourishment and stimulation to the brain and nervous system
  • Helps tissues absorb fluids
  • Removes acids from the bowels and cleanses the body of toxins
  • Aids the function of the pancreas and spleen
  • Purifies the blood
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels

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Where to buy Essiac Tea


How to make Essiac Tea at Home

What you will Need:

  • 1 gallon water
  • 1 oz  rhubarb root in powder form
  • 4 oz powdered slippery elm
  • One and half pounds of burdock root
  • 1 pound powdered sheep sorrel leaves


Thoroughly mix the rhubarb, slippery elm, burdock and Sheep sorrel leaves. Store this mixture in an air tight container. This can stay fresh for up to a year all the dry ingredients together.

To brew the Tea :

  1. Boil the gallon of water and turn off heat before adding half a cup of the Essiac tea mix
  2. Let it steep for 12 hours
  3. Strain the tea concentrate into a glass jar and refrigerate ( This will be good for up to two weeks)
  4. To serve the tea, use two parts of the tea with two parts of water.
  5. Add honey or Agave syrup to sweeten.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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