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Wellness Co. in Zeeland collecting donations for foster families


ZEELAND — One of the lakeshore’s newer businesses has partnered with Michigan Fosters to create some Christmas magic for 15 local foster families.

The initiative is entering its third week at Wellness Co. — a family practice and medical spa located at 400 S. State St. in Zeeland. The five-week event has a new theme each week, and community members are invited to drop off items that match the theme.

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“We want to show foster families how thankful we are for their daily sacrifices with a gift at Christmas time,” said Tiffany Kraker, president of Michigan Fosters.

“Between a child’s grief of missing loved ones and mental health needs, the holiday season can be especially challenging for foster families.”

The team at Wellness Co. in Zeeland poses for a photo. The company is accepting donations for the next three weeks to provide gifts to 15 foster families in Ottawa County.

Michigan Fosters works to amplify the voices of those involved in the foster care system through awareness and community involvement. This year, the team at Wellness Co. wanted to help.

“As we enter the holiday season, we are very aware that it’s not always as joyful for others who may be less fortunate.” said Dr. Kelsey Prince, founder of Wellness Co. 

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