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Weekly Numerology for the week (Nov 19 – Nov 25, 2021)


Weekly Numerology Predictions for ENTREPRENEURS from Business Astrologer™ and Astro-Strategist Hirav Shah for the week (Nov 19 to Nov 25, 2021)

Weekly Numerology for Number 1 (SUN): (Those born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th in any month)

Astrology, Numerology - Number - 1

A lot of your pending business plans will see the light of the day. Some plans will kick start and others shall start slowly. On the whole, all businessmen and entrepreneurs will have a productive week.

There are possibilities that your contemporaries might spread rumors in the market by getting jealous of your leadership, but you just ignore and carry on with what you are meant to do. Ignore and move on, should be your goal. Start incorporating yoga in your routine, this will really keep you stress free and fit.

Avoid wearing Black
Lucky Days : Sunday
Lucky Color : Orange

Weekly Numerology for Number 2 (MOON) (Those born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th in any month)

Astrology, Numerology - Number - 2

Business lines which have great significance with relationships and networking will prosper. This week shall be great for balanced leadership and inspiring ideas. The whole thing is that individuals with an extreme thinking capacity or any networking business ideas will progress and prosper. So, all the best.

Some massive contracts will be signed during this time. Luckily there will be no legal issues. Yes, business meetings and discussions will be plenty in number. Make sure, you avoid junk food and fast food in between meetings or else you will unnecessarily invite acidity which can ruin your mood and focus.

Avoid wearing Dark Blue
Lucky Days : Monday
Lucky Color : Light Green

Weekly Numerology for Number 3 (JUPITER) (Those born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th in any month)

Astrology, Numerology - Number - 3

This week you shall set a baseline, identify areas you can grow by doing a 360 assessment of your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur. Once you know where you are, you can create a plan so you know where you’re going and how you’ll get there.

Your plan can include tangible, actionable steps, you can take with the time and energy and the effort you have allotted to level-up your skills, reach your goals and make your business dreams a reality. Dedicate and Devote- These two should be your key words for this week. Healthwise, everything will be fine. Just don’t take excessive stress.

Avoid wearing Brown
Lucky Days : Saturday
Lucky Color : Green

Weekly Numerology for Number 4 (URANUS) (Those born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st in any month)

Astrology, Numerology - Number - 4

You will try to be more adaptable. You will have the ability to switch directions quickly in response to changes in the market. An agile approach to development, both in your product and your business, will help you grow more quickly.

By allowing yourself to change quickly, you will be able to test different approaches to business and find out what works best. It allows you to fail, pick yourself back up and keep going. Indeed ! Healthwise, try to avoid soft drinks and coffee. You don’t need tonsillitis and gastritis this week, right ?

Avoid wearing Red
Lucky Days : Thursday
Lucky Color : Golden

Weekly Numerology for Number 5 (MERCURY) (Those born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd in any month)

Astrology, Numerology - Number - 5

You will have to employ new strategies to get ahead of the curve—and stay there. To keep up with industry changes, from advancing technology to shifting market demands, it’s essential. You will need to consistently hire managers. Employees are your greatest asset, but if you don’t have the proper management to successfully lead, you jeopardize growth and put your business at risk.

For people who are starting out, to get roaring success, choose that business in which you have an aptitude, passion, and great interest. Focus- Should be your keyword this week. Avoid acidic foods and consume more alkaline stuff. This will keep your mind calm and health stable.

Avoid wearing Dark Shades
Lucky Days : Tuesday
Lucky Color : Light Blue

Weekly Numerology for Number 6 (VENUS) (Those born on the 6th, 15th and 24th in any month)

Astrology, Numerology - Number - 6

This is your week. You are powerful beyond measure. Do not let limitations and doubts cloud your confidence because you are more than what people say. Believe in yourself that you can do it. Show some gratitude. Gratitude will make you appreciate different perspectives. When you start being grateful, you begin to see things in a new light. You will feel more positive and invigorated.

Any business that is related to health, medicine, home, restaurants or home-related products, real estate etc…will prosper. In diet, start taking more fruits and vegetables to avoid constipation.

Avoid wearing Black
Lucky Days : Wednesday
Lucky Color : Purple

Weekly Numerology for Number 7 (NEPTUNE) (Those born on the 7th, 16th and 25th in any month)

Astrology, Numerology - Number - 7

The best thing to do this week would be auditing your offers.You can clarify your “messaging” too. The most important strategy could be to “revisit your pricing” .This is one of the best ways to boost your revenue and profits quickly. It’s an area where there are massive gains to be had, and you don’t need to change the product.

Expect to sign some huge contracts. Don’t get super excited because this is just the start. You have to be consistent with your profits too. Yes, there might be some legal issues here and there, but those will all settle down by 2022 beginning. Try to adapt healthy lifestyle habits so that your mind and body, both are stable and kicking and obviously, your company will benefit too.

Avoid wearing Red
Lucky Days : Monday
Lucky Color : Light Yellow

Weekly Numerology for Number 8 (SATURN) (Those born on the 8th, 17th and 26th in any month)

Astrology, Numerology - Number - 8

You will maximize what is working and eliminate what is not working. You will create space for innovation and opportunity by analyzing your products, services, systems and processes. Identifying, stopping and removing the things that are no longer serving the mission, vision, values and goals of the company will inspire and build momentum, opening up opportunities for growth and profit.

Business travel will get frequent for meetings, deals and discussions. Some massive deals will also get sealed. While travelling, avoid any fried food item, to stay away from gut disorders.

Avoid wearing Maroon
Lucky Days : Saturday
Lucky Color : Gray

Weekly Numerology for Number 9 (MARS) (Those born on the 9th, 18th and 27th in any month)

Astrology, Numerology - Number - 9

Your revenue will see a hike. Increasing revenue comes down to customer loyalty. Assuming you already have a product or service that your customers value, focus more time and energy on the customer experience and developing genuine relationships with your customers.

Foster customer and brand loyalty, and they’ll be more likely to come back as well as recommend your business to others, thus increasing your revenue stream. The “word of mouth publicity” will happen and it will happen well. Success awaits you, Yes !! Healthwise things will be well, only if you eat more nutritious food and resort to a healthy diet.

Avoid wearing Rose
Lucky Days : Friday
Lucky Color : Indigo

Celebrities Of The Week

November 19 – Indira Gandhi
November 20 – Milkha Singh
November 21– Neha Sharma
November 22 – Mulayam Singh Yadav
November 23 – Naga Chaitanya
November 24 – Arundhati Roy


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