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Watch Lupita Nyong’o’s Exercise Ball Ab Challenge


I once did an entire ab workout using an exercise ball, so trust me when I say that this piece of equipment makes core workouts about six times harder than they look. You think it’s all fun and games — just rolling around with this big bouncy ball! — and next thing you know, your core is on fire and you’re fighting for your life to stay upright.

So, now, compare that experience to the exercise ball ab challenge just shared by Lupita Nyong’o, which consists of her kneeling on the ball and trying to keep her balance for a whole minute. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me, but apparently not for Nyong’o, who somehow manages to look graceful and at ease while almost floating above the ball. And of course, she’s showing off some strong abs and sporting a cute matching workout set while she’s at it. This balancing act is not nearly as easy as it looks, but if you don’t believe me, grab an exercise ball, crank up the volume on “Ghana Bounce,” and give it a try. To get some extra ab work, don’t forget the dance moves!

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