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Types of tea leaves and their benefits



Black leaf teas

Often the best choice for breaking your fast in the morning, the aroma and boldness of black leaf teas is enough to kickstart your day by giving you the necessary amount of energy. Black Tea is produced as a labour of love, with days of intense plucking, sieving, and withering in order to preserve complex flavonoids and powerful antioxidants like catechins.

Green leaf teas

Much like black tea, green tea is also harvested from the Camellia Sinensis plant but is prepared differently by first steaming, then pan-frying and drying the leaves. The biggest benefit of opting for Green Tea over other tea leaves is that it’s an extreme immunity-booster due to its high flavonoid components and minimal processing which preserves all the nutrients.

As a byproduct of its immunity-boosting trait, Green Tea is a great booster for the metabolism which is why it serves as a necessary addition to your diet.

White leaf tea

Minimally processed and low on caffeine, White Leaf Tea contains a lot of rich antioxidants which means it is great for boosting immunity. White Tea is very delicate and sweet-tasting because it is made with handpicked silver buds and young leaves that offer a mild flavour. Dieticians and fitness experts recommend White Tea as it helps curb sweet cravings and has a low-calorie count making it perfect for a healthy weight loss.

Herbal tea

Most common herbal tea varieties include mint, chamomile, cranberry and ginger.Unlike other teas, Herbal Teas are completely caffeine-free and filled with a lot of good nutrients. It is packed with antioxidants and offer benefits like regulating digestive systems, managing stress levels.

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