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Throuple split over bizarre 21-day alkaline detox before sex rule


A married couple have been ditched by their new wife after the strict rules enforced in the bedroom proved too much for the new family member.

A polyamorous throuple have become two after strict sex rules proved too much for one member.

Dimitri Snowden and his wife Ashley appeared on TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife where the US couple hunted for a third to join their relationship.

Eventually the couple met Vanessa Cobbs, who Dimitri later proposed to and ‘married’ on the show.

In order for Vanessa to be allowed to join Dimitri in bed, she was told she’d need to go on a 21-day detox to “ensure her PH aligned” with him and his wife of 11 years.

However just a year after joining the couple’s marriage, Vanessa decided to leave in 2019.

Now the couple are back on the new season of the show, which started this week in the US, showing the aftermath of their throuple breakdown.

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Viewers were shocked to learn of the trio’s demise after Vanessa previously stated she was willing to endure the 21-day detox to be intimate with Dimitri, The Sun reported.

“I’m excited, I’m ready for that too, I was ready pretty much when I first met him,” Vanessa said during her stint on the show.

“It has been a while. I am human and I have needs.

“I’ve done a lot of crazy diets in my life. I’ve never done one just to get some D. But if that’s what they want I’m going to have to do it.”

Ashley and Dimitri don’t eat meat, dairy or gluten – but their alkaline detox diet takes it a step further.

“This alkaline diet is actually a step above that. It’s a way of ensuring Vanessa’s PH is aligned with ours,” Ashley said.

“We are going to be sharing Dimitri. To put it bluntly one of the main issues with unbalanced PH in women is yeast infections.”

She went on to explain that the diet was made up of alkaline plants from seven food groups.

“It’s 21 days and that’s just enough time to reset your PH,” she continued.

“Dimitri and I have been eating alkaline for a few years so now we know that our bodies are balanced.”

Dimitri said: “Vanessa and I have not been intimate, because I respect Ashley, I respect our agreement and also I want to make sure Ashley is completely comfortable.”

However, it seems that the Snowdens’ strict rules became too much for Vanessa as she split from the couple in 2019.

Vanessa revealed that she felt as though she had “changed too much of herself” though there appeared to be no hard feelings.

“We wish Vanessa nothing but peace and happiness along her personal journey, and ask that you do the same, for her, and for us,” Ashley wrote on Instagram at the time.

The pair, who celebrated their 11-year anniversary in October, are now about to embark on a new quest to find a third member for their marriage.

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