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The Truth About Biotin For Hair And Skin Health


Although biotin is a necessity for the body, it’s untrue that biotin is solely responsible for your hair growth and skin health. According to Healthline, biotin’s main role is to transform food into energy. This also helps the body’s production of keratin. Keratin is the principle protein that makes up hair, nails, and skin. All of this means that one’s lack of hair growth is often rooted in a biotin deficiency. Since biotin aids the production of keratin, if someone is biotin deficient, they will, therefore, have a keratin deficiency, potentially leading to hair thinning.

The claim that biotin will help with clear skin is also untrue. Paula’s Choice director of applied research and education Desirée Stordahl tells InStyle that while a product that has biotin might help with skin health, it wouldn’t be only because of its biotin contents. “Unfortunately, we’ve researched it and there are no benefits to topical biotin,” she tells the outlet, which means that biotin may not be the skincare savior we all thought it was. According to Stordahl, too, there have been a significant amount of studies that don’t show any large correlation between clear skin and biotin. The margin of correlation between the two is around 2% in those studied.

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