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Skincare By Hyram Shares His Best Winter Skin Advice


Hyram’s skincare tips have become so popular that he was snapped up by the founders of The Inkey List. Together, they created Selfless by Hyram: a simple but effective collection of five staple products, from cleanser and serums to moisturiser. While Selfless has no doubt changed the game, educating consumers about buzzy ingredients like retinol, niacinamide and SPF, it’s not all about skin, according to Hyram. “The primary intent of creating Selfless by Hyram was to generate social change,” says Hyram. “I wanted to connect the consumer’s purchasing power with philanthropy.” Since its inception, the brand has made a huge impact: over 160,000 acres of rainforest in Bolivia have been protected and over 5,000 people given clean drinking water for 50 years. “We are a carbon-zero brand which utilises sustainably sourced packaging,” says Hyram, “and we’re actively looking for ways to have an even bigger impact within the sustainability space.”

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