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Skin clinic opening imminent


A brand new FotaFinder Molescan machine’s arrival and substantial renovations to a building are major advancements towards Corowa Medical Centre’s new Redgum Skin Clinic being operational next Tuesday, November 16.

The new clinic will be shown and explained to councillors of Federation Council and The Free Press next Monday morning.

Located diagonally opposite the medica centre, a substantial alteration of a previous dentist and Dorevitch Clinic and which was previously a private dwelling has become the skin clinic’s home.

“The FotoFinder skin care machine will scan from head to toe,” Practice Manager Dr Ayon Guhu told The Free Press.

“The machine will detect anything that looks suspicious for another machine and doctor to look over.”

Redgum Skin Clinic opens its doors to the community on November 16 with state-of-the-art facilities and high class equipment, offering skin cancer surveillance using full body mole scanning photography, IPL Hair removal, scar removal, IPL Skin Treatments, Laser pigmentation removal, and Face Mapping Skin Analysis.

“Our experienced team of staff members strive to deliver a comprehensive approach to your entire skin health, and have a passion for delivering the best possible treatment for our community,” Dr Ayon said.

“We are particularly committed to caring for our community through skin cancer detection, removal and post-removal care. Redgum Skin Clinic use a high class FotoFinder full body mole scanning device to conduct a full body photography of your skin to detect the first signs of skin cancer. Early diagnosis is key for managing patients who at high risk of melanoma and other cancer.

“The FotoFinder gives our doctors the power to accurately analyse skin and moles for ongoing monitoring and care.” 

Dr Ayon said Laser and IPL is a non-invasive way to permanently treat conditions such as post surgical scarring, acne scarring, stretch marks (striae), wrinkles and pigmentation, cherry angiomas, rosacea, fine lines, hair reduction and more. 

“Our laser technicians along with our doctors can craft a targeted treatment plan to suit your needs,” he said.

“At Redgum Skin Clinic we also use a Skintele Melanin Reader to allow our technicians to identify your skin type. The Skintele Melanin Reader is the first FDA-approved melanin reader and helps us ensure our hair removal plan is optimised especially for you.”

Revised plans for a new medical centre on the old nurses home site in Guy Street have been submitted to council for approval, for which Dr Guhu hopes to receive the green light before Christmas and see construction begin by March.

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