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Ready to fly? First insect-based skin oil brand Point68 eyes China and Macau as potential markets


Point68 Insect Beauty, is a joint venture between US organic and clean-beauty brand SIBU Sea Berry Therapy, and Asia-based insect industry professional Josh Galt.

There is only a single product, a youth regenerating face oil, which is a luxury face oil formulated to improve skin hydration with cellular healing and rejuvenation.

Galt told CosmeticsDesign-Asia​: “We have sold fairly well compared to our initial first year targets, both through international distributors and direct to consumer online sales​.”

In Hong Kong, Point68 is distributed by Starnergy on online platforms such as HKTVMALL, letzshop.hk as well as pop-up booths in shopping malls. The product is also sold in the US.

Hong Kong acceptance

Point68 was first launched in Hong Kong this year.

According to Starnergy’s marketing director Joseph Leung, the novel insect oil in Hong Kong has been well-received so far.

We have received positive feedback of Point68 once consumers had tried the product. As this is the first insect oil used in skin care, people may hesitate a bit, so we need to explain to customers at road shows. Once they tried it on their skin, about 75% liked it and said they would buy it​.”

Still, as a novel cosmetic product, Leung said it would take some time for people to understand the benefits of insect oil.

Generally, insect-based products like cosmetics and foods are very new to people in Hong Kong. People have heard of insect-based foods but will hesitate to try them. It is also very difficult to find any insect products here in Hong Kong. The insect-based business is a totally new market here and it would take some education and marketing strategies in order to expand the market​.”

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