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Podcaster Meshel Laurie on me-time, mindfulness and hating yoga


Podcast guru Meshel Laurie isn’t into meditation or mindfulness but in her own typical fashion, she does it her way — by turning lots of things into mindfulness opportunities.

Meshel Laurie once received some life advice about leaving hate behind that she found so valuable, she’s tried to live by it ever since.

Except, that is, when it comes to yoga. When it comes to the ancient art of meditation through stretching, she’s got nothing but hate in her heart. And that won’t be changing any time soon.

“When you hate someone, you are their prisoner. Lawrence ‘Moonman’ Mooney told me that in a Melbourne pub around 20 years ago,” she says.

“I was having a sook about someone else getting a gig I wanted, no doubt, and I reckoned I hated someone, and the Moonman pulled that little gem out of the ether. He’s full of surprises.

“Anyway, I took his advice and stopped hating people because it’s obviously stupid. But I do hate yoga. I guess I’m its prisoner, but screw it.”

That’s not to say the podcast guru isn’t into meditation or mindfulness. Just the opposite. But in typical Meshel fashion, she does it her way.

“I try to turn lots of things into mindfulness opportunities,” she says.

“I mean, the goal is to live mindfully, all the time, right? So it’s great to set time aside for a meditation practice, but it’s also good to practice mindful gardening, mindful cleaning, or mindful grocery shopping.”

But like most mums, there is one calm moment every day that she wouldn’t trade for all the small mindfulness moments in the world — that brief oasis of calm before the true chaos of the morning begins to unfold.

“I’m not a morning person, at all. But I have to parachute 12-year-old twins into the world before I can even think about living my own life, so my day starts at 6.30,” she says.

“That’s actually so I have a quiet half-hour to drink coffee, check the headlines both in the news and in my diary and roll around my bed kissing and cuddling with my pets before the parenting begins.”

Meshel Laurie on …

Treating her body right

“I’ve been blessed with a great body in this lifetime. It’s very strong and healthy, it grew two babies at once. I’ve driven it pretty hard to be honest, but I’m easing off now and treating it with some respect. I wouldn’t say I’m only driving it to church on Sundays but I don’t go off-road as much as I used to.”

Perfect night’s sleep

“When you turn of the lights at night, how dark is your bedroom, really? I’d never noticed until I made myself, and then I realised how bright it actually was in there. Worse than bright, it was an awful kind of hovering blue. It was like I was trying to sleep in some kind of display cabinet.

“I removed all the chargers that didn’t need to be there and covered all the other tiny lights with thick tape. My first night in a truly dark bedroom was bliss.”

Task of eating healthy

“My meals are made up of mini-tasks, like making sure I’m eating protein and fibre. I’m not measuring food or anything like that, just trying not to live off the leftovers I find on the kids ’plates.”

Meshel Laurie is host of podcasts Calm Ya Farm and Australian True Crime, part of the Acast Creator Network.


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