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Perfect Hydration Alkaline Water Recruits Athletes to Amplify “Live Water Wellness” Mission


Perfect Hydration, the 9x purified alkaline water with electrolytes, has added an impressive selection of ambassadors to its team of professional athletes and fitness experts. As the brand continues to expand its retail availability across North America, partnering with more athletes in a range of disciplines will help Perfect Hydration reach new wellness-minded consumers. Newcomers to the Perfect Hydration team include professional soccer player Jessica McDonald, professional surfer Alyssa Spencer, Olympic medalist swimmer Abbey Weitzeil, professional cyclist Dante Young, and many more high achievers.

“When we bring people onto our team, we look for culture fits as much as their experience,” said Louisa Lawless, Chief Strategy Officer at Perfect Hydration. “Perfect Hydration has always been the water for active people who seek wellness. During a pivotal time when consumers are avoiding sweeteners and want more sustainable alternatives to standard plastic water bottles, we’re so excited to partner with talented athletes who inspire us all to live healthier lifestyles and reach new heights,” added Lawless.

“Partnering with pH was important to me because as an athlete, I have to take very good care of my body,” said National Women’s Soccer League player Jessica McDonald.  More and more athletes are turning to Perfect Hydration to hydrate and replenish electrolytes while avoiding the carbs, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and calories in standard sports drinks. “Having a nutritious diet is important and pH brings some part of that into mine and my family’s life,” said McDonald.

Professional Rock Climber, Sierra Blair Coyle, is another skilled new member of the Perfect Hydration squad. “I partner with the best companies and pH water definitely fits the bill for me. I feel better hydrated during my workouts and in life. What more could I ask for?” As a Perfect Hydration ambassador, Coyle, current Pan American Bouldering Champion, supports Perfect Hydration’s mission to bring better hydration to the masses.

Additional inspirational pH ambassadors include 3x Superbowl Champion Julian Edelman, wellness expert Livlo Golding, snowboarder Summer Fenton, bicyclist Dante Young, skateboarder Clive Dixon, cyclist and stuntman Kevin Arnold, small forward for the Los Angeles Lakers Alfonzo McKinnie, Olympic gold medalist swimmer Abbey Weitzeil, cyclist Andrew Jackson, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver River Cracraft and more. Training day and night, athletes and fitness experts of all kinds now depend on Perfect Hydration to keep them hydrated and replenished. Perfect Hydration helps these ambassadors achieve their athletic goals, build their personal brands, and supports many of the causes closest to their hearts.

Perfect Hydration delivers 9.5+ pH alkaline water, purified to its cleanest form through 9-stages of filtration, supercharged with a proprietary alkalizing process, then balanced with electrolytes for taste. Available in aluminum cans and 100% recycled and recyclable plastic bottles, Perfect Hydration is sold in the United States and Canada. For more information, visit perfect-hydration.com or follow the brand on Instagram or Facebook.

About Perfect Hydration Alkaline Water

Perfect Hydration is committed to producing the finest water possible without sacrificing our environment. Our 9.5+ pH alkaline water is purified to its cleanest form through 9-stages of filtration, supercharged through a proprietary alkalizing process, and balanced with electrolyte minerals for taste. Perfect Hydration is available in aluminum cans and 100% recycled plastic bottles via grocery, convenience, drug, club, and online retailers across North America. The brand is also an Official Supporter of the American Red Cross.

Perfect Hydration is part of the Stratus Beverage Group, a diversified, LA-based company that excels in identifying and producing innovative, great-tasting, better-for-you, natural beverages.

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