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Patient Exercises Back to Health with LVHN Fitness


Following his hospitalization, Mancke participated in home therapy sessions to regain muscle strength and address labored breathing concerns. In mid-April 2021, he returned to LVHN Fitness, and Musgnung developed a new series of exercise routines for him. She sought advice from colleagues to create the best possible plan for his recovery and health. Mancke participates in the pulmonary fitness class taught by Musgnung, intended for those impacted by COVID-19 and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

“Having experienced a plethora of physical and health conditions this year, I remain incredibly impressed with the LVHN Fitness programs,” says Mancke. “My involvement in these programs has been so instrumental in helping me to deal with the ill effects of COVID, both mentally and physically.”

Rebuilding his health, Mancke has been completing workouts designed to gradually wean him from supplemental oxygen, enhance muscle development, address balance issues and increase lung capacity. Despite a challenging six months, he is getting better every day with help from Musgnung and the team at LVHN Fitness.


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