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More People Seeking Help Addressing Mental Health, Expert Says


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Public conversations surrounding mental health are becoming increasingly common, and are spreading through a growing number of circles in America today.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott famously became one of the first high-profile athletes to open up about his mental health struggles in the wake of the COVID pandemic in 2020. Other celebrities to recently admit their own emotional struggles include Demi Lovato, Michael Phelps and Lady Gaga.

Discussions about the importance of mental health were elevated by intense media coverage again this summer when Simone Biles, the most decorated female gymnast in history, backed out of individual and team finals events at the Tokyo Olympics, citing mental health concerns.

As Americans embark on improving their mental health with more urgency than ever before, a local mental health clinician is offering a helpful reminder: don’t neglect your physical well-being.

“Taking care of your physical well-being is a really critical foundation to emotional wellness,” says Emily Moriarty, Director of Clinical Services for the South Bethlehem-based mental health practice Reset Outdoors.

When working with clients to achieve a greater sense of well-being, a major focus for Moriarty is connecting the dots between their emotional and physical health.

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