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L’Oréal’s New UVMune 400 Sun Filtering Technology Protects Skin From Ultra-Long UVA Rays


L’Oréal has unveiled new sun filtering technology that the beauty brands contends is its biggest sun care innovation in 30 years.  The technology, UVMune 400, is said to effectively protect the skin against ultra-long UVA rays, the 30% of solar rays that have so far been insufficiently filtered. 

L’Oréal’s La Roche-Posay Anthelios franchise is the first brand of the group to incorporate the technology into its product range.

“Our L’Oréal R&I teams have successfully risen to the real scientific challenge of inventing a sun filtering technology to cover the UVA zone that was so far less covered. This allows us to provide our broadest filtration and protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun, even the most insidious. This discovery is fully in line with the Group’s approach of providing answers to public health issues, such as the risks linked to skin exposure to UV radiation,” said Barbara Lavernos, deputy CEO in charge of research, innovation and technology at L’Oréal.

Previous generation sun filters have insufficiently protected skin against ultra-long UVA rays, which penetrate the epidermis the most and are among the main causes of skin aging, according to experts. They also contribute to the development of skin cancer, along with other UVA and UVB rays. No sun filter was able to block efficiently ultra-long UVA rays from 380 nm which alone accounts for 30% of UV.

Decades of Sun Protection R&D

This new technology builds on earlier sun protection successes at L’Oréal.

In 1982, Mexoryl SX filter was effective against short UVA rays and was photostable and hydrophilic. In 1985, first photostabilization patent of the Parsol 1789, which made it possible to filter UVA rays up to 360 nm. In 1989, Mexoryl XL debuted a soluble lipophilic molecule capable of absorbing UVB and short UVA rays and increasing the effectiveness of other filters. With UVMune 400, the solar filtration range is increased by 20 nm, according to L’Oréal.

L’Oréal said it took 10 years of research to design its performance engine, Mexoryl 400 filter. Mexoryl 400 has been designed to present an improved environmental profile, the company added.

Anthelios UVMune 400 is proven to shield against deep cell damage, which is linked to signs of premature aging, and to prevent DNA lesions, which may lead to skin cancer. Tested on all skin types and phototypes, Anthelios UVMune 400 was launched in pharmacies in March 2022 and is available as either Invisible Fluid SPF50+ or Hydrating Cream SPF50+, noted L’Oréal.

“Sun protection is a key public health issue,” noted Laetitia Toupet, La Roche-Posay global brand president. “As a leading brand in suncare, we do our utmost to share derm knowledge and provide best-in-class protection in partnership with dermatologists. We are proud to raise the bar with Anthelios UVMune 400 to protect all types of skin against even the most insidious UV rays.”

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