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Lexington mom who used yoga to get through some tough times opens studio to help others


LEXINGTON, N.C. (WGHP) – When you are looking to relax your mind and body, yoga is a great form of exercise.

Erin Hardy used it when she struggled with pregnancy and postpartum depression.

“Yoga is what kept me centered and what kept me whole not only mentally but also physically,” said Hardy, owner of Magnolia Rose Yoga Studio.

For two years, Hardy worked to create a space where she could welcome people to center themselves and focus on wellness.

“We did every renovation ourselves and painting, all that hard work went into making what we are today,” Hardy said.

On May 1, she opened Magnolia Rose Yoga Studio, named using Hardy’s two daughters’ middle names.

The space on 60 S. Talbert Blvd. in Lexington is open to anyone interested in yoga.

“If you’re in a wheelchair, if you’re in the chair, we can make yoga accessible to you and your own body,” Hardy said.

Since the doors opened, Hardy has been hearing how comfortable the setting is and how accessible things have been for people who have not tried yoga.

“We are not just a yoga studio, but I’d like to become more of a wellness center. So, we also have in-house massage therapy through Wheelhouse massage therapy. We have several plant vendors. We have several ladies that do canned goods and of course our CBD products as well as we’ve got natural soaps and aromatherapy,” Hardy said.

Hardy focuses on highlighting women-owned businesses — giving ladies a place to set up and sell products they have worked really hard to create.

“Anything to help women with that empowerment and empowering and feeling, just making classes accessible fun exciting and just creating that community whether it’s through belly dancing or weaving classes or also through our yoga classes,” Hardy said.

You can check out the classes, hours, prices and meet the team at Magnolia Rose Yoga here.

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