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Is your skin suffering after a hectic workout? Here’s what you need to do


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Post-workout sweat and irritated skin is probably the only disappointing by-product of a good workout session. You are bound to feel great after a solid workout and the endorphin rush that comes with it is unlike any other. There are tons of health benefits to working out as it helps in keeping your skin young and healthy.

However, workouts also come with side effects like itchiness, redness, dirt and sweat which can cause acne and this can damage your skin to an extent if not treated and taken care of properly. A short but effective skincare routine is vital post-workout to keep your skin healthy and glowing. We have curated a few tips on how to take care of your skin post-workout.

We spoke to Dr Gagan Bhatia, founder of Uniqaya who went on to share four essential tips. Tips for effective post-workout skincare: –

1. Avoid touching your face while working out: While we are still going through the after-effects of a pandemic it is even more crucial to be hygienic. You must avoid touching your face during workouts. The living bacteria on sweaty equipment are easily transferred to your skin causing acne and skin infections. Make sure you wash your hands nicely before touching your face.


2. Begin with the most basic yet important step- Cleansing: This is a no-brainer. It’s the first step post-workout. Washing your skin of all the sweat, dust and dirt post-workout will ensure that you don’t attract any bacteria, fungal infections and breakouts. Don’t delay the bath. Taking a shower with a gentle soap or gel immediately after a workout session can prevent all kinds of skin problems. Use a gentle and soothing face wash to not cause any irritation.

3. Moisturiser is a must: Moisturiser is key to healthy glowing skin. It allows your skin to calm down after a sweaty and heated workout session. Go for a gentle, water-based and lightweight moisturiser curated for your skin type. A hydrating and nourishing serum can do wonders to your skin helping with blemishes and redness. Bonus Tip: Make sure you apply a good layer of sunscreen if you are planning to step out in the sun post-workout.

4. Go for minimal makeup to avoid acne: Makeup mixed with dirt and sweat is a deadly combination and is the ideal breeding space for breakouts. Avoid wearing makeup before workouts as it can clog pores which is one of the main causes of acne. Try spraying a good quality thermal spring water mist post-workout all over your face to keep your skin dirt free and healthy.

Skincare is not an expense, it’s an investment and it is time that you pay attention to your kit today.

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