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“I was glad Houston Rockets took 27 3-pointers in a row”: Charles Barkley makes hilarious yoga analogy questioning statistical modeling in the NBA as Kevin Durant can’t stop laughing


Kevin Durant had perhaps the best guest he could possibly have had on the ETCs podcast to talk basketball in Charles Barkley.

One great thing about both Kevin Durant and Charles Barkley is that they aren’t afraid to shoot from their mouths. They will both take their chances in terms of what they say where they say.

Now KD, he’s still an NBA player in the spotlight, so there are a few things he necessarily won’t say or do. That’s not the case at all with Charles Barkley. The Round Mound of Rebound can get away with saying practically anything that is politically incorrect, such is his standing with people across the world.

It was great for basketball fans to see the two chop it up with regards to real basketball talk on KD’s podcast. It was a 48-minute session peppered with tons of situational jokes. Chuck outdid himself as an interviewee, especially on this episode.

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Charles Barkley and Kevin Durant deliberate about the analytics movement in the NBA

The Chuckster is a vocal critic of how analytics has changed the way basketball is played by NBA players. In his mind, teams are not making more radical in-game adjustments because of how they’re slaves to numbers. That is the sentiment he put forth with Kevin Durant (6:14):

“What I don’t like about teams any more is, they just don’t make adjustments any more! And what I mean by that is, teams are like ‘If we don’t make our 3s, we lose tonight.’ And I’m like ‘There’s some other stuff in between that y’all can actually do!’”

“It’s like that Rockets team which missed 30 straight 3s, that’s just stupid! I mean, after you miss like the first 10, you should take the ball to the basket.”

KD countered with how open 3-point looks are hard to dismiss when teams are generating them. Charles Barkley, however, wouldn’t be swayed off of his crusade against the analytics movement.

“Kevin, as great a player as you are, if you miss 10 shots in a row, you ain’t just going to keep shooting the same way.”

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Eventually, Barkley made a comparison between yoga and stretching and how stats and analytics are the same thing:

“Thеy made it up because all thеse rich dudеs who own thеse tеams want to get their sоn-in-law a job. They are just stats. Kind of likе yоga. Yоga’s nothing but stretching. I tell people yоga’s just stretching. They gave it a diffеrent namе to charge yоu for it.”

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