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I Do Fitness at Home and It Works!


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I don’t have any equipment and I can still workout! All you need is your body and a little imagination.

I do these workouts on my spare time, about 30-60 minutes per session.

If you’re new to this and want some extra motivation, just put on some music and go for it! Before you know it, the workout will be over with results that will feel rewarding.

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Here are seven of my favourite fitness at home routines:

The Warmup – It’s always important to warm up before starting anything physical. This helps prevent injury while also getting your heart rate up so your body sweats more.

The Toning Routine – For women who want toned legs or arms or abs or all three. This is a great routine for you.

The Abs and Core Routine – For those who want to feel stronger as well as look better with an improved waistline.

The Toning Arms Routine – I love doing this one during the summer when it’s too hot outside to workout or on days where I’m just not feeling it.

The Workout That You Can Do Anywhere! – Use a wall, a bench, a park bench or even a tree to do your squats and lunges.

Yoga at Home Tutorial: Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana) – If you need some flexibility help, try this balancing yoga pose by holding onto a chair.

Low-Intensity Lower Body Workout – Low impact cardio that helps tone your lower body.

10 Minute Full Body Toning Routine – A quick workout that works your entire body from head to toe. Try 10 minutes before you have a shower and ease into your day feeling refreshed and energized!

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What kind of fitness equipment do you need to start out?

For starters, you need your own body weight.

It’s usually best to start out with nothing and then gradually add more to your routine as you get stronger.

This helps prevent injury while also staying committed to the workout.

Here is some fitness equipment I bought from https://www.northernfitness.ca/ that will help:

Yoga Mat – For things like floor exercises, pushups, sit-ups and stretching. Just be sure not to use it on wet floors or standing water to avoid slipping.

Dumbbells – If you want strength training without heavyweights! You can pick up dumbbells for cheap at any sporting goods store these days…although sometimes they don’t have very good ones.

Yoga Strap/Stretching Band – Great for doing stretches alone or even assisting another stretch exercise.

Resistance Bands – I use these for glute kickbacks, bicep curls and more! They’re great because they provide resistance without making you feel weighed down or tired. Just be careful with them if you have any injuries!

Exercise Ball – This is something that comes in very handy especially when doing sit-ups. If your back is not strong enough to do sit-ups on the floor then this can be a good option.

Yoga Blocks – It’s so much easier to do some yoga positions with these things! They also come in handy when stretching.

Yoga Strap – Great for stretching your hamstrings and thighs. If you’re not flexible, you should definitely give this a try!

Yoga Ball – I use mine to do sit-ups with by sitting on it. You can also do squats or even sit on it if that’s comfortable for you.

Pilates Ring – These are amazing for doing tricep dips and abdominal exercises…they feel so good.

Weighted Vest – This is great for walking around because it increases your heart rate while strengthening the lower body at the same time!

Fitness Gloves – If you have calloused hands, these are great for protecting them while exercising. Also helps grip better when using weights.

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What kind of routines can you do without any equipment?

You could start out with just walking or running outside for 10 minutes.

It’s good to do something like this before you start any kind of workout if you haven’t been active in a while. You can even try some body-weight exercises like squats, lunges, pushups and planks.

For those who want to work their entire body, try doing squats and lunges while touching your toes or bringing your hands all the way up over your head when standing. You can also do these when sitting! Just be sure not to hurt yourself by holding onto anything for support until it gets easier!

There are many simple things that you can do without equipment that will help build strength in your upper body parts as well, so don’t worry about not having weights or dumbbells!

There are many fitness articles online you can look up including routines and workouts. There’s also a lot of free stuff on YouTube if you want to try out stretching or body-weight exercising. Give it a shot.

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Why should you do fitness at home?

I’m not sure why, but I feel more motivated working out at home. Maybe because it’s in an area that is dedicated to working out?

Anyhow, exercising at home gives you the freedom to pick your own exercises and sets/reps without having to worry about anyone watching or judging. It also allows you to do it without worrying too much about getting changed or looking presentable. If you find yourself feeling really intimidated by going to a gym, then doing fitness at home might be good for you!

It’s also great when there are inclement weather conditions outside…especially if it rains.

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Who can benefit from doing fitness at home?

Fitness enthusiasts who have limited time in their day might also want to consider doing fitness at home. Like me, if you only have about an hour to fit in a workout then it might be easier to do that at home than driving out to the gym and then driving back home when working out is all done.

People with tight schedules who travel for work also benefit from fitness at home. It’s not ideal when you’re on vacation but if you have your own place or are staying somewhere where there is free Wi-Fi, then go ahead! There are so many workout routines online for each body part so just pick what interests you the most and get started!

How does fitness at home benefits people?

Fitness at home gives people more time to spend on themselves which I think is really important.

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