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Hundreds of Brooklyn students start day with meditation, yoga


Hundreds of Brooklyn elementary school students are now starting their day with mediation, yoga and positive affirmation.

Uncommon Schools Network, which has 24 Brooklyn locations, is putting an emphasis on social emotional learning and changing the conversation about how to regulate emotions.

Jaz Grant, principal of Ocean Hill Elementary School, says creating a safe space is a priority that begins during a morning group circle.

“They use that time for meditation affirmations and a mood meter check in,” says Grant. “It’s something that wasn’t a part of our curriculum in the beginning, but we made the change now that we have our kids back in the building.”

Third graders at the school say it helps them express their feelings.

The students check in multiple times a day by looking at the mood meter where they can share their feelings and offer advice to others on how to feel better.

Family members say the initiative has helped their kids in a positive way.

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