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How To Manage Emotional Wellness During The Fertility Journey


Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to consider the entirety of the journey—where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re headed. Thinking into the future may be something you have to do from time to time, especially when you’re making plans, but it can be helpful to strategically step back from that on occasion and take in the small pieces instead.

It can be helpful to ground yourself through acknowledging your non-fertility related wins at times. This could look like celebrating a good day at work, getting a step closer to perfecting that yoga position you’ve been practicing, or finally getting your house organized!

It can also be helpful to focus on shorter periods of time, such as embracing life on a day-by-day basis or, if that feels like too much at times, even a minute-by-minute basis. Instead of asking where you’ll be in five years, consider where you are in the moment and what meaningful moments, thoughts, conversations, and plans you can incorporate in the next few hours. 

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