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How to enjoy working out if you hate exercise | Health and Fitness


3. Find a form of exercise you like doing

Not everyone will get into running, like I did. Try a variety of exercises and see what suits you. It might be running, swimming, biking, using an elliptical machine, or a taking a kickboxing class. Or you might prefer working out to a video or dancing in your living room. It’s all movement, and that’s all good.

Remember, too, that many simple activities like walking promote physical fitness. “The term ‘exercise’ can imply rigorous workouts, but movement doesn’t have to be rigorous to be beneficial,” Rankin said. “Any movement is better than no movement.”

Indeed. The more you enjoy exercising, the more confidence you’ll have that you can overcome any barriers to exercise, which means you’ll be more likely to stick with your regime, according to a 2015 study by Beth Lewis, director of the University of Minnesota’s School of Kinesiology. “The key to maintaining exercise is to find an exercise routine that you enjoy, whether it is alone or with people; outside, at home or at a gym.”

4. Ramp up the fun factor

Even if you find an exercise you enjoy, not every workout will be fun. Sometimes you’ll be tired or cranky or just not in the mood to work out. You can also get in a rut, where you don’t necessarily dislike your workout, but it doesn’t excite you, either. This is when it’s time to get creative.

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