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How To Create An Energy Clearing Meditation You Can Practice In Just 5 Minutes | Patricia Bonnard


Did you know that you can create an energy clearing meditation you can practice in five minutes or less anywhere and any time you like just by breathing?

Most would agree that modern western society is fast-paced, hyper-stimulating, externally focused, and constantly changing. It endlessly bombards you with literal and figurative noise as well as measurable and subtle energy.

In this kind of environment, it’s hard to stay grounded, centered, and clear. Fortunately, you have a powerful reset button right within your own bio-physiology: your breath.

This is your prana, or life-force energy. And you can access it 24/7.

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Energy clearing meditation is simple and easy

This meditation is comprised of just two components: breath and visualization.

It’s simple, easy to learn, effective, and convenient to do anywhere.

The two components of a quick meditation.

This energy clearing meditation doesn’t require you to sit in the lotus position, use a mudra (hand posture), or even close your eyes, although, all of these elements will facilitate flow and clearing.

Good posture or a straight spine is, nonetheless, recommended.

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