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How to be vegan on Staten Island: Here are top 8 places to score a plant-based meal



Vegan mac ‘n’ cheese from Shaw-naé’s House with Caribbean-inspired Jerk “Chik’n” made with oyster mushrooms (Courtesy of Shaw-naé Dixon)

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Why eat the vegan way? That means no animal proteins — milks, eggs, fish, meat itself and, if very strict, honey (as the bees are robbed of their self-made product.) Ultimately, the perspective of the definition of “vegan” molds how patrons makes their restaurant selections.

“As a staunch vegan, I don’t want to eat my food prepared next to a slab of meat,” says the first vegan Advance Cookbook champ and aminal-human- race-planet advocate Renee Raia. She recently closed Love Earth Bakery Cafe in Richmond Valley but her vigilance in veganism continues. So eating out for her means staying away from places that have meat in the general inventory.

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