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How This Football Freestyle Champ Overcame Skin Insecurities


Lewis’s favourite thing about freestyle football is how the sport allows her to push her limits and surprise herself, and she loves that it’s given her the opportunity to become a positive role model for other women.

“Feeling comfortable in our own skin means accepting who we are,” she says. “I want to reinforce that nobody is perfect, so instead of seeking perfection, try focusing on yourself and looking after your mind and body as best as you can.”

Venus’s new campaign, “Move Your Skin,” is encouraging women to do just that. The brand believes we should celebrate women’s bodies for what they can do, not comment on how they look. It wants to help change the narrative and show what real skin in sport looks like, working with women to feel more confident when moving in their own skin. After all, according to their research, more than half of women feel that there aren’t enough well-known role models or people that they can relate to in sports, compared to industries like fashion, music, and beauty.

“Move Your Skin” is also working to expand Venus’s existing work with the youth education charity, Football Beyond Borders’ Girls Programme, to develop a new in-school module that opens up the conversation with girls and non-binary young people about their relationships with their bodies while supporting them to be more aware, confident, and active.

As an ambassador for the campaign, Lewis hopes to be one of these inspiring voices igniting positive change — one that normalises what real skin in sport looks like both on and off the pitch. “I feel at home in my own skin, and I accept my blemishes and scars,” she says. “They reflect the journey I’ve been through, and they remind me of how far I’ve come.”

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