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Great Lakes Wellness Launches New Clinically Researched, Benefit-Led Collagen Products to Support Skin, Joint, and Digestive Health


GRAYSLAKE, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Great Lakes Wellness, a modern health and wellness company with a mission to lead a fresh, positive conversation around healthy aging, today announced the launch of four new Quick Dissolve Collagen Peptides: Daily Marine, an ocean friendly, marine based collagen; and Daily Beauty, Daily Joint and Daily Digestion, which combine clinically-researched ingredients with Great Lakes Wellness’ signature grass-fed collagen and other specialized ingredients. All products are now available on GreatLakesWellness.com, will be available on Amazon in Q4, and will roll out across natural and health food stores nationally beginning in Q1 2022.

Great Lakes Wellness’ efficacious new nutritional products are made with clean, functional ingredients and are expertly crafted to taste great and dissolve quickly. Expanding upon the brand’s best-selling single-ingredient grass-fed collagen line, Daily Beauty, Daily Joint, and Daily Digestion are scientifically formulated with additional clinically researched ingredients (at clinical dosages) to support specific health benefits. The new products exemplify Great Lakes Wellness’ mission to support the unique wellness needs of our bodies as we age – including skin, joint and digestive health. All four new Quick Dissolve Collagen Peptides are gluten-free, iGen Non-GMO Tested, Kosher, and Keto Certified. Additional product details include:

  • Daily Marine Collagen Peptides – The first collagen to launch in the U.S. with Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certification (a nonprofit that certifies requirements for sustainable fishing), Daily Marine is made of one simple ingredient: wild-caught, sustainably-sourced fish. A perfect option for flexitarians and pescatarians seeking to reap the benefits of collagen, including maintaining healthy hair, promoting healthy skin and nails, and supporting joint health, Daily Marine has zero fishy smell or taste, excellent dissolvability in any liquid or recipe, and is easily digested.
  • Daily Beauty Collagen Peptides – A unique blend of beauty benefits to get you glowin’, Daily Beauty features Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides, which are clinically researched to support skin elasticity and hydration and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plus biotin to support luxurious hair and nails, vitamin C to support collagen production, and hyaluronic acid for skin hydration and suppleness. Available in a delicious Raspberry Lemonade flavor.
  • Daily Joint Collagen Peptides – This powerful mix of ingredients for joint support, mobility, and comfort will get you movin’! Made with Fortigel® Bioactive Collagen Peptides, which is clinically researched to optimize joint mobility and comfort, plus MSM to support cartilage and joint function, hyaluronic acid to cushion and lubricate joints, and vitamin C to support collagen production. Ideal for mixing into coffee or smoothies, this Classic Caramel flavored collagen powder will quickly become a self-care routine you look forward to.
  • Daily Digestion Collagen Peptides – Show your insides some love with this balance of grass-fed collagen and digestive aides that support digestion and immune health to keep you groovin’! Features 5 billion CFUs of Probiotic DE111®, which is clinically researched to support digestive and immune health, plus prebiotic fiber to stimulate normal gut microflora, and vitamin C to support collagen production. Available in a calming Honey + Cinnamon flavor.

“We’re excited to offer these unique and efficacious new products made with key, clinically researched ingredients that support the wellness needs we all have as we age,” said President of Great Lakes Wellness, Jim Burkett. “Whether you’re 35 or 65, these powerful nutritional products fit seamlessly into your daily diet to help you feel empowered and in control of your health journey. Each product is rigorously tested to meet our high standards for quality – plus they taste amazing, so they’re an easy and delicious way to support wellness that you’ll actually look forward to. We’re proud to launch these new benefit-led products and help consumers soar in their individual health and wellness needs.”

Tracing its roots back to 1922, Great Lakes Wellness has a rich, nearly 100-year-old heritage with providing high-quality collagen powders and purpose-built nutrition products. Previously known as Great Lakes Gelatin® Company, it completely transformed the U.S. collagen market in 2009, with the introduction of the first cold-water soluble collagen hydrolysate (also known as collagen peptides). The company is bringing the same standards and deep collagen expertise to its newest collagen products, with many providing clinical claims associated with specific benefit focuses.

Great Lakes Wellness products are available at grocery and natural retailers nationwide, including Publix, Fresh Thyme, Natural Grocers, and online at GreatLakesWellness.com and Amazon. To learn more about Great Lakes Wellness, visit GreatLakesWellness.com, or follow the brand on Instagram (@GreatLakesWellness) and Facebook (@GreatLakesWell).

About Great Lakes Wellness

Great Lakes Wellness is a modern wellness brand on a mission to help free you to age on your own terms with high-quality collagen powders and purpose-built nutrition products. Tracing its roots back to 1922, Great Lakes was the first company to pioneer cold-water soluble collagen hydrolysate (collagen peptides) to the U.S. market, launching an entirely new category of wellness products as we know them today. Made with clean, functional ingredients, all Great Lakes Wellness products are expertly formulated to support the unique needs of your personal aging journey– from joint health, strong skin, hair, and nails and more. Whether you’re 35 or 65, each product, including Quick Dissolve Collagen Peptides, Gelatins, KETO Collagen, and MCT Oil and Powder, offers powerful nutrition that is easily incorporated into your daily diet. Simply add to your favorite beverages and recipes to support healthy aging every day. All Great Lakes Wellness products are gluten free, iGen Non-GMO Tested, Kosher, and Keto Certified, with several Paleo-friendly options. To learn more about Great Lakes Wellness, visit GreatLakesWellness.com.

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