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Former Guam resident dominates Hawaii fitness competition | Guam Sports


With two days notice and little preparation, Analisa Velasco-San Nicolas found herself among elite fitness coaches in the thick of competition unsure of how she’d fare but eager to see how she measured up.

The UFC Gym locations in Hawaii were holding its statewide fitness challenge on Oct. 23. A couple of days before the event, the Honolulu gym still hadn’t entered a coach or employee.

“It is a pretty competitive field out here, especially being on the island of Hawaii, pretty tough, a lot of elite coaches. So when my fitness director asked me to represent our gym, without a doubt, I was just like, ‘Okay, let’s just see how it goes, just see how I can do,’” Velasco-San Nicolas said.

For Velasco-San Nicolas, it went pretty well and she earned first place and will now represent Hawaii in the national fitness challenge.

The UFC Gym is an extension of the UFC brand and provides training and fitness coaching at facilities across the nation.

Velasco-San Nicolas had been coach at the Honolulu location for a while now but hadn’t entered the previous fitness challenges and she felt a little nervous going into the competition.

With each round of exercises, Velasco-San Nicolas said she leaned on her years of training and focused on the task at hand. The rest of the world fell away as her focus sharpened.

“I was trying my best so when I’m in the zone as an athlete and sports performance, I just zone and I do it,” she said.

The competition required different exercise that tested the participants’ strength, stamina, power and endurance. Velasco-San Nicolas did different exercise increasing reps in each set or working to complete as many reps in a set amount of time.

In the final round the participants had 10 exercise to complete and they must do 20 reps of each.

“It started with like a plate to overhead press and then we did some snatches. Then we did some lateral box jumps and we did wall balls, squats and we did these dummy bag slams,” Velasco-San Nicolas recalled.

Velasco-San Nicolas got through all the exercise in about three minutes. She had done well in the two previous rounds and after that final round she thought she’d come out with a decent score, although she still didn’t know how she stacked up to the other competitors.

She was the underdog on the scene, with it being her first time at the fitness challenge.

“Nobody knew me. It was my first year. And nobody really introduced themselves to me,” she said.

At the end of the competition when the winners were announced, Velasco-San Nicolas waited as they announced the participant who placed third. Then they called the name of the woman who placed second.

“I was like, ‘OK, maybe I got first,” she said. “Then they called my name.”

After she was named the winner of the fitness challenge, other competitors introduced themselves to her. She made new friends and networked quite a bit that day.

“It was really nice to make my name known out here a little bit more and just build the accomplishment of overcoming my anxieties and my self doubt and conquering it, it felt so good,” she said.

Velasco-San Nicolas’s parents were in the U.S. Army and moved off-island before she was born. When she was young, the family returned to Guam for a few years. The 29-year-old grew up playing different sports including basketball and ran in track-and-field. She also was a dancer and cheerleader.

Later in life, she sought out weight lifting and went to school for kinesiology and human anatomy which led her to coaching and competing in the UFC Gym fitness challenge.

Next up for Velasco-San Nicolas is the national fitness challenge next month. She’ll be competing against the other state winners.

“This being like an individualized all-eyes-on-you kind of thing. I’ve never done that,” she said. “And I did it.

Velasco-San Nicolas said she was humbled and honored to gain recognition in the field after her win.

“Because this field is a tough one. There’s a lot of good athletes out there and to stand out like this, it really truly humbled me. I feel really honored to be a part of something like this,” she said.

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