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Fitted or flared? One woman’s search for the perfect pair of yoga pants


That would have spelled the end of my relationship with yoga (and yoga pants). But thanks to COVID-19, I recently started to crave getting back on that mat again. The hefty burden of many extra pandemic pounds finally broke the sleep spell.

Despite not practising for some time, I fervently remembered yoga to be a ritual that involves being “present”. Unfortunately, my yoga wardrobe of yore no longer served my present body. 

Getting new yoga wear became paramount. So, several clicks of the mouse later, I quickly got up to date with the latest togs and found something curious.

The second-skin yoga pants in a spectrum of colours that has been dominating the yoga scene for the past couple of years are still omnipresent. What was interesting though was the return of the once-discontinued flared Groove. Except this time, it wasn’t a solo effort by Lululemon. Other yoga wear heavyweights such as Alo, Sweaty Betty and Lorna Jane have also jumped on the bandwagon.

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