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‘Fat first’: Check out this easy breakfast recipe


Ever heard of people consuming fat first thing in the morning? While some prefer to have soaked almonds on an empty stomach, others straightaway opt for a cup of tea or coffee to kick-start their day. But, what is considered as the best food to be had in the morning? Instead of going for a caffeinated drink, one could start their day with a portion of healthy fats, suggests nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary in an Instagram post. Rashi shared a breakfast beverage recipe with which she begins her morning routine.

According to a report published by Texas A&M University, scheduling healthy fat intake earlier in the day, during breakfast or before lunchtime, may reduce how inflamed our cells become in response to them.

The study also found that the later we eat foods full of saturated fats, the more likely they are to disrupt our body’s internal clock, worsening any inflammatory response. This leads to us feeling sluggish, also causing lifestyle setbacks such as going to sleep at erratic hours and feeling hungry frequently.

The researchers additionally equated the effects of consuming a high-saturated fat diet later in the day with jet lag, which is a common response of fatigue and tiredness post a bout of air travel.

Rashi speaks about the importance of having a relaxing set of morning rituals to help set the day on the right track. Here are the ingredients and steps to a delicious coconut matcha:

*1 tbsp of clean coconut cream
*Organic matcha powder
*Add some hot water
*Froth it all together (don’t skip this step)
*Add more hot water after using the frother and enjoy every sip with some good relaxing music, or read a book that empowers you while you’re doing your fat first, so you can make a whole routine out of it.

Do you have a set of morning ritual? Let us know.

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