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Egg Ghee Roast: Fiery, Protein-Rich Ghee Roast Recipe That Will Tantalise Your Taste Buds


Whether it is rich coconut milk, soul-soothing sambar or mouth-melting idlis, there is something comforting about having South Indian food. With a mix of complex flavours and simple cooking techniques, south Indian cuisine never fails to impress us! Many South Indian dishes have even become a household name across the country. But the one recipe that has undoubtedly caught the attention of many is the famous ghee roast recipe! The ghee roast dishes are generally made with meat and are covered with oodles of ghee that adds rich flavour to it. However, these days many people make this recipe with paneer, prawns and other ingredients. So, to introduce you to another new variety of it, we bring you a delicious recipe of egg ghee roast!

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This recipe of egg ghee roast is all things tasty and healthy. In this recipe, all you need to do is first roast the spices and grind them. Next, mix it with a tomato puree and other ingredients to create a spicy base. Then throw in boiled eggs and cook! Sounds yummy, right?! You can make this recipe whenever you have any party or gathering or simply when you want to impress your family with your cooking skills. Once you make it, pair it with a parotta or steaming rice for maximum indulgence. Read the recipe for egg ghee roast below.


How To Make Egg Ghee Roast | Easy Egg Ghee Roast Recipe:

To make this first, in a pan, add dry red chilli, peppercorns, cloves, coriander seeds, garlic, ginger, cumin seeds and bay leaf. Roast till fragrant and then grind it. Now in the same pan, add ghee, curry leaves and onions. Let the onions soften. Throw in turmeric powder, salt with the roasted masala and mix. Now, add pureed tomatoes and cook. Once it starts boiling, add boiled eggs cut in half and combine again. Allow the flavours to mix, then serve hot and enjoy!

For the full recipe of egg ghee roast, click here.

Make this delicious recipe, and let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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