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Editor Review: Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion


I’m a morning and evening showerer, and I added the lotion to both bookend sessions. Technically the double up wasn’t super necessary, as the formula works to moisturise skin for a full 24-hours, but hey, nothing wrong with a little twice-a-day top-up, right? Extra-dry skin calls for extra effort!

Application wise, I like to apply immediately post-shower onto freshly clean, slightly damp (and because I’m me, outrageously red) skin. The lotion felt nice and cooling going on, and the texture hit the perfect ‘smooth but not slimy’ balance. Being fragrance-free, it has no real scent to it, just a slight ‘clean’ aroma (which is obviously preferable for sensitive skin). As I always say, “fragrance can be spritzed, there’s no need for it to be slathered”. Okay, fine, I just came up with that, but it works, right?

The ‘pump’ factor is a big thing for me with moisturisers, too – efficiency is key in winter, after all. As delightful as a good lotion feels going on, I’m not sure anyone would name the ‘fresh out of the shower and freezing cold’ application experience as one of their favourite parts of the day. Tipping and squeezing is simply beyond my early morning/late night capabilities and so, fuss-free pumps are definitely preferable.

The aforementioned icy application process was also fast-tracked due to the lotion’s quick-absorbing nature – it didn’t sit on the surface at all (or feel heavy/greasy in the slightest), and I could get dressed pretty much immediately. Good stuff, Aveeno!

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