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Dual Citizen Launch Creates Community of Support for Mental Health


She first considered a physical wellness brand but challenged herself to bring something “new and innovative” to the table in a space she described as oversaturated.

A longtime mental health advocate who herself has battled with the challenges of depression and anxiety, Courtnall felt compelled to focus her energies there.

The name Dual Citizen, she said, is a multilayered moniker but ultimately highlights the importance of tending simultaneously to the mind and body.

“You can’t take care of your community without taking care of yourself … [or if] you’re only taking care of your physical health and not your mental health,” Courtnall emphasized. “There’s two parts to one’s health.”

While Courtnall has taken the reins on this project, she’s grateful for Kendricks’ whole-hearted support in the endeavor.

“It’s awesome. At the end of the day, she’s trying to help people, and this is a platform that allows her to do that,” Kendricks said. “It’s been cool to see her go through this process of beginning this [brand and] business for herself.”

She said Kendricks has helped immensely throughout the process, from the brainstorming stage to lending his creative eye to the brand’s design and presentation.

Kendricks, who enjoys painting and drawing, has assisted in the overall aesthetic of Dual Citizen’s Instagram page and daily social posts, as well as on limited-release apparel the brand recently unveiled.

“He’s helped with colors and helping me figure out the branding – and making sure some of the content is appealing to men, as well,” Courtnall said. “I’ve just been picking his brain and asking his opinions on things, just because he comes from a perspective unique from mine. For instance, Eric loves to put items in his back pocket, and maybe others would appreciate a pocket, as well. Those types of things, he’s been super helpful with.”

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