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Drink Jaggery And Lemon Water Every Morning For Weight Loss, Recipe Inside


Losing weight has gained a lot of prominence these days. People are now conscious of their healthy well-being and are trying to maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. However, along with a healthy diet, physical exercises are equally important too.Also Read – 5 Simple Yet Effective Yoga Asanas to Keep The Weight Gain Away This Festive Season

When it comes to shedding the extra kilos, detox water is helpful. It helps in cleaning the body by removing the toxins and thus, managing weight as well. Detox drinks can be easily made at home with kitchen-friendly ingredients. Also Read – Can Giloy Help in Reducing Weight? Here’s What We Know

What are the Health Benefits of Jaggery and Lemon?

Lemon water is known for its exceptional weight-loss components. By adding jaggery, you can enjoy the benefits of both ingredients. Also Read – Karva Chauth 2021: Fasting For First Time? Watch Video to Know Healthy Fasting Tips

Lemons are a rich source for the consumption of Vitamin C. It helps in improving hydration, skin quality, digestion, reduces stroke risk, strengthen heart health. All these add up to weight loss and its management.

Jaggery, on the other hand, helps in improving digestion, cleanses the body, boosts immunity and along with these, helps in losing weight as well. Therefore, the combination of jaggery and lemon water does wonder.

How to Make Jaggery and Lemon Water?

  1. Take a small portion of jaggery and boil.
  2. Strain the water and allow it cool till normal temperature.
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of lemon water.
  4. Mix it and drink.

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