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Diabetes diet: Drinking this 8p tea can lower blood sugar and reduce risk

8p tea can lower blood sugar

Diabetes diet: Drinking this 8p tea can lower blood sugar and reduce risk

Diabetes UK warns “more people than ever are at risk of type 2 diabetes”. 4.9 million Britons have a diabetes diagnosis, and 13.6 million more are at “increased risk” of developing diabetes. Changing your diet and lifestyle can reduce your risk of diabetes, including drinking this tasty and inexpensive tea.

Diabetes is the name given to a set of conditions where your body struggles to regulate blood sugar levels.

By far the most common type of diabetes in the UK is type 2 diabetes, accounting for 90 percent of 4.9 million cases.

Type 2 diabetes is linked to a number of risk factors, including weight and lifestyle, unlike type 1.

For this reason, anyone determined to be at risk of type 2 diabetes will be advised to try to maintain a healthy weight and not eat too much sugar and carbohydrates.

While some foods can dramatically raise your blood sugar, others are credited with helping to regulate it, by preventing blood sugar spikes.

If you’re worried about your risk of diabetes creeping up, it’s time to introduce this herbal tea to your diet.

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More teas to help reduce risk of diabetes

Don’t fancy the taste of camomile? There are plenty more herbal teas credited with lowering your risk of diabetes you could try.

Green tea

Compounds in green tea have been found to stimulate your skeletal muscle’s absorption of glucose, meaning there is less glucose in your bloodstream, and your blood sugar levels are lowered.

A review of 17 studies on the efficacy of green tea as a way of managing blood sugar found “significant” reduction in blood sugar levels.

Hibiscus tea

This colourful yet sharp-tasting tea is said to lower blood pressure readings and help reduce insulin resistance.

People with diabetes particularly need to manage their blood pressure carefully, because elevated blood pressure combined with diabetes puts you at higher risk of stroke and makes you more likely to experience complications as a result of diabetes.

Turmeric tea

Noted for its vibrant gold colour, turmeric is a very popular home remedy for a number of complaints.

Turmeric contains a compound called curcumin which is thought to lower blood sugar levels.

Turmeric is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

Adding black pepper to your turmeric tea can help you to absorb even more curcumin.



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