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Darshan Raval’s animal flow workout will inspire you to hit the gym | Health


Darshan Raval is sweating it out at the gym. The singer is a fitness enthusiast and the plethora of pictures and videos of himself on his Instagram profile, engrossed in his fitness routine, is witness to this fact. On Thursday, Darshan Raval inspired us yet again, with his animal flow workout at the gym.

Darshan shared a video of himself documenting a snippet of his fitness routine and we are smitten. In the video, Darshan can be seen taking up multiple exercise routines to keep himself fit and healthy. He keeps sharing the fitness videos on his Instagram profile to motivate his fans to start hitting the gym and take their health seriously.

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In the video, Darshan can be seen starting his day with vigorous pullups. Dressed in a blue tee shirt and a red pair of gym trousers, Darshan accessorised his gym look with a black and white cap. He can be seen hanging by a gym equipment and repeatedly pulling his body up. Then, he can be seen jumping down and doing pushups. In the later part of the video, Darshan can be seen jumping from a distance on top of a platform and working on his leg muscles. “Fitness training,” Darshan simply captioned his post. Take a look:


Darshan keeps sharing snippets from his gym diaries on his Instagram profile. On Thursday, Darshan shared another video of himself, where he can be seen working on his biceps by exercising with weights. Darshan can be seen repeatedly doing arm rows with dumbbells. “Be fit,” Darshan wrote for his Instagram family.

The exercises, as performed by Darshan in the video, come with multiple health benefits. Pullups help in strengthening the back, arm and shoulder muscles. They also improve grip and overall body strength. Pushups, on the other hand, help in improving upper body strength.

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