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Celeb-Approved Skincare – What Celebrities Use on Their Skin


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Celebrities know a thing or two about skincare. Think about it—they spend so much time in hair and makeup, getting ready for roles or red carpets, and they have their finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest releases. Plus—they have access to some of the best skincare experts in the industry. So, it’s safe to say we put our trust in celeb-approved skincare products.

If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite supermodel (the one and only Elle Macpherson) or actress (Jane Fonda) seem to be moving through the years with incredible skin—you’ve come to the right place. Celebrities have the greatest advantage in the skincare game and only rely on the best to keep their complexions looking great. That’s why we combed through our archives to find the best of the best.

From nutrient-rich eye creams for wrinkles to yummy-smelling body lotions that give you baby-soft skin, find 20 of the best celeb-approved skincare products here. Our list encompasses a range of skincare needs, including lip balms to soothe chapped lips, body oils infused with SPF to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful rays, and tools to give yourself a much-needed facial massage.

We also took an extra step in checking that each of the products listed has thousands of verified reviews. Ahead, find the top skincare products your favorite celebrities swear by, so you can get your healthiest, glowing skin yet.


All Purpose Skin Cream Skin

Egyptian Magic

Kate Hudson has sworn by this $36 multi-purpose skin saving salve for years and uses it on her whole family. It contains antioxidant-rich bee propolis, beeswax, honey, olive oil, and royal jelly to soothe, hydrate, and protect the skin. It also has a unique texture that starts as a balm and turns into a nourishing oil as it’s rubbed into the skin. Hudson gave the product a shoutout during an interview, saying that her family puts it on anything—“cuts, burns, scrapes, and dryness.”


Eight Hour Skin Protectant Cream

Elizabeth Arden


Belinda Carlisle has been using this product for over 40 years and calls it “a miracle cure.” It’s designed to be used as an all-purpose moisturizer and helps soothe sunburned skin, chapped lips, and rough calluses on the feet. You can also apply it onto your legs, lips, and eyelids to keep them shiny and moisturized, according to the brand. 


Rosewater Refreshing Facial Mist

Heritage Store


This $9 hydrating facial mist is a skincare gem for Jennifer Anniston. It’s formulated with only two ingredients, making it an ideal low-maintenance must-have and great for most skin types. Its damask rose oil works to soothe and soften the skin, while its unique vor-mag water (purified water) works to charge and energize your mood. It also has a lovely-smelling floral scent, thanks to the rose oil.



Dr. Dan’s


Listed as one of her favorite fall things in her Little Yellow Book, Drew Barrymore shared that she keeps this lip balm “in every pocket.” Recommended by her dermatologist, it’s hypoallergenic, sensitive skin-friendly, and formulated with 1% hydrocortisone, an ingredient that reduces redness, swelling, and itchiness. (It’s also great for people with skin conditions like eczema.)


Age Perfect Cell Renewal Midnight Serum

L’Oréal Paris


We’ve all heard the saying “age is nothing but a number,” and when it comes to Jane Fonda, we couldn’t agree more. She applies this day-to-night serum right before bed for a hydrated complexion. Formulated with an exclusive L’Oréal Paris antioxidant recovery complex, it works to replenish the skin’s antioxidant levels (which boosts the skin’s renewal process overnight). Its vitamin E and hyaluronic acid-infused formula helps to smooth out wrinkles and lock in moisture.


Caffeine Eye Cream

The INKEY List


Gemma Chan called this eye cream her “secret weapon,” and we can see why. It’s made with a unique peptide ingredient called Matrixyl 3000, which works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also has a hydrating and lightweight texture that will give your eyes a refreshing boost, thanks to its caffeine ingredient. The best part? It’s only $10!


Radiant Glow Facial Oil



Nicole Kidman shared this facial oil as a go-to product for her nighttime skincare routine to smooth wrinkles. Formulated with marula oil, argan oil, and vitamin E, this oil helps improve the appearance of the skin by reducing fine lines while creating a moisturized and youthful glow.


Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiant Lotion



“My mother emphasized the importance of moisturizing, all the way from our scalp to our toes,” Regina King said in an interview. And she swears by this lotion to do just that. It also came in at number two on our list of the Best Body Lotions and Creams to Soothe Dry, Itchy Skin. Experts love it because it contains skin-protective ingredients like petrolatum, glycerin, and 100% pure cocoa seed butter to nourish dry patches. It leaves the skin with a soft glow that never looks or feels greasy—and at just $9, it’s easy on the wallet, too.


Rapid Wrinkle Repair Retinol Pro+.5% Power Serum



While showing fans what products she keeps in her everyday bag, Jennifer Garner pulled out this retinol power serum. Unlike many other wrinkle serums, this unique formula guarantees visible results in just two weeks. Crafted with a potent concentration of 0.5% pure retinol and a dermatologist-proven form of vitamin A, this serum works to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles, lighten dark spots, and provide a smoother and softer complexion.


Skincare Body Oil



If your post-shower care routine doesn’t include this body oil, you should rethink things. “It smells great … and right when you get out of the shower, I think oil is a little easier to put on than lotion,” said Jenna Bush Hager during a “Best of Health and Beauty” segment on the Today show. The formula includes a nourishing blend of vitamin E, A, rosemary, calendula, and lavender—to smooth and moisturize the skin.


Squalane + Marine Algae Eye Cream



While traveling, Reese Witherspoon only relies on a few products to keep her skin feeling soft and plump. Among her favorites is this rich eye cream. It’s filled with good-for-you skincare ingredients like squalene and pink marine algae, which works to hydrate, moisturize, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within seven days, according to the brand. It also has a lightweight texture that glides on smoothly and melts down into the skin.


Cryo-Recovery Eye Serum

Charlotte Tilbury


Idina Menzel has an amazing eye brightening serum recommendation: “It makes my skin look five years younger,” she said in an interview. The magic lies in the serum’s blend of caffeine, peptides, vitamins, and grapes, which work together to fill in fine lines, reduce puffiness, and brighten dull skin. (Its cooling metal applicator doesn’t hurt, either.) The result, per testing done by Charlotte Tilbury, is a serum that firms, hydrates, and smoothes skin in a matter of seconds.


Washable Makeup Pads



The secret to flawless-looking makeup begins with great skin, and Victoria Beckham is a pro at cleansing hers. She uses these $5 washable pads for “deep makeup removal.” With fiber strands 100 times finer than human hair, these face pads claim to reach deep into pores to remove makeup and can be used with just water. The brand notes that each pad can replace up to 500 cotton rounds or makeup wipes—making it a much more eco-friendly choice.


Bright Eyes Tinted Eye Cream

Judging by her slew of beauty videos on TikTok (and 7.5 million followers!), it’s no surprise that Jessica Alba has made the best tinted eye cream to help neutralize dark circles. It’s packed with ingredients like illuminating pearls that brighten up the under-eye and a tinted pigment to provide coverage for dark circles. You’ll also find hyaluronic acid combined with squalene in the formula to help hydrate and moisturize the eye area.


Glow Oil SPF 50 PA++++



We trust Ashley Graham always, but especially when it comes to her favorite skincare. Not only does this SPF have an invisible finish, but it also gives off a shine that’s the epitome of a sun-kissed glow. The ultra-hydrating sunscreen body oil includes grape seed and marigold extract, which soothes the skin while protecting it from environmental aggressors.


Phyto-Contour Eye Cream

For her dark circles and under-eye puffiness, Tracee Ellis Ross turns to this firming eye cream. The luxurious anti-aging formula is enhanced with rosemary extract, aloe vera, and vitamin E to help firm, tone, and hydrate the skin. It also has a lightweight and thin texture that glides onto the skin smoothly and can also be used to treat chapped lips.


Gua Sha Facial Body Massage Tool



Skincare tools are essential, too—especially gua sha picks like this one, which can “improve circulation and lymphatic drainage,” according to Elle Macpherson. She uses her body gua sha tool (similar to this one) all over her face and arms to also give herself a gentle massage. The waves on the gua sha are designed to perfectly fit all the facial features and frequent use can help rejuvenate and plump the skin, according to the brand.


UV Clear Facial Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum



One skincare rule Padma Lakshmi swears by? Never going outside without applying sunscreen. In an interview, Lakshmi said she uses this specific face sunscreen to treat her “hyperpigmentation issues.” The formula is fragrance-free and includes sodium hyaluronate to moisturize, while lactic acid refines the skin to clear pores and reduce shine.


Energizing Dry Body Brush

Keys Soulcare


Alicia Keys created a dry brush that’s her go-to tool for exfoliating and revealing smooth, buttery-soft skin. This dry brush uses biodegradable, vegan bristles and is crafted from sustainable plant-based ingredients. The brand also states that dry brushing offers a gentle yet efficient way of removing dead skin cell buildup by cleaning out the pores while refreshing and awakening the skin.


Rapid Firming Peptide Multi Action Eye Cream

Kerry Washington sang praises about this eye cream in an interview, saying, “It’s actually made my morning routine so much better because I need less concealer, to be totally honest with you.” The eye cream is powered by a blend of peptides and proteins that help brighten dark circles, soothe puffiness, and improve fine lines. 

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