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Cardews of Oxford sells tea and coffee around the globe


Cardews of Oxford exports tea and coffee around the globe and staff can put enough pins in the map of the United States to link up the east and west coasts.

The family-run business also has a loyal following at its shop at the Covered Market, where it has been situated since 1965.

The company was first established in 1948 in St Michael’s Street, and is the oldest supplier of fresh roasted coffees and fine teas in the city.

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Cardews is named after Tony Cardew, a Polish immigrant who launched the firm.

Oxford Mail:

He retired in 1983 and the company is now run by the Durkin family.

John Durkin, 73, is in charge, and he runs the shop with his wife Sue, a retired school bursar, and their son James.

He said: “We get orders from all over the world and we have a big contingent of customers in the States.

“Orders through our website helped to keep us going during the pandemic.

“We used to do more business with Europe but that has slowed down after Brexit as some charges are being passed onto customers and they don’t want to pay them.

Oxford Mail:

“I’m pleased to say we are very busy at the moment and the footfall in the Covered Market is busier than it has been.

“But we have missed out on trade from foreign tourists over the past year or so and I think it will take us another year to get back to pre-Covid levels.”

Mr Durkin said its coffee supplier, Smith’s Coffee Company in Hemel Hempstead, was popular with customers.

He is in charge of sourcing the coffee supplies while son James looks after tea.

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Originally coffee roasting was completed in the back of the shop but this practice stopped in 1986.

“Once or twice a week I complete a production schedule for Smith’s for medium, dark, or full,” Mr Durkin added.

Oxford Mail:

Cardews continues to supply a number of Oxford University colleges.

Mr Durkin added: “We also sell a wide range of flavoured teas – herbal teas have become extremely popular.

“This is a good time of year for us and the signs out there in the Covered Market are very encouraging.”

Cardews’ website said: “We are extremely proud to boast that many of our customers have remained loyal, from student days to retirement, even though some now live in the far reaches of the world. This traditional relationship continues to thrive today.

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“We are not part of any chain of shops, which allows us to remain loyal to our customers. The expanding international demand for our products has allowed us to create this website, ensuring we can reach as many customers as possible, without sacrificing the service and quality for our loyal customers.”

For more visit cardewoxford.co.uk.

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