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Breaking the barriers and stigma of mental illness | Campus Life


MSU’s Public Affairs department hosted a panel about mental health issues on Thursday Nov. 11th in the library.

There were four panelists included, Rhonda Ferguson,  clinical supervisor to Synergy Recovery Center. Nia Morgan, a counselor at the MSU Counseling Center. Theresa Betman, Betty and Bobby Allison Ozark Counseling Center and Lindsey Bell, a private therapist. 

The panel focused on mental health, particularly how it is stigmatized and many people face unseen barriers when trying to reach out to get help. 

“For a very long time many generations did not view mental health as something to be valued or important and when it was talked about there was a lot of shame and guilt associated with those things [mental health],” said Morgan. 

The panelists then went on to discuss how to reduce stigma with your peers.  

Bell suggested people be more open with the fact they attend therapy if willing to disclose the fact. 

Betman said that just talking about mental health with friends will help normalize it in our community. 

It ended with how to maintain good mental health. 

Ferguson recommended using the app called InsightTimer to help with being more mindful about mental health. 

Nick Hostetteer, a non degree seeking student, attended the conference and gave his thoughts on the matter saying, “I’m really passionate about mental health and it was really informative for services you can receive if you’re struggling or know someone who may be struggling.” 

MSU students do have free counseling sessions at Magers Health and Wellness Center. You can find more information here

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