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Best Natural ADHD supplements & nootropics for inattentive ADHD, ADD – OTC non stimulant ADHD remedies for adults


Stimulants are often used for ADHD, but they aren’t right
for everybody. Brain-boosting nootropics & focus pills for ADHD are safe,
natural and stimulants-free alternative therapy that may help to improve
attention and more. Currently, Mind Lab
and Brain Pill are leading the race of best natural ADHD
supplements in the market.

ADHD treatments usually work on the catecholamine brain chemicals directly
linked with attention: Norepinephrine and dopamine.

nootropics that
support those same brain chemicals
might aid with attention & brain performance, as well as
other functions that may be influenced by ADHD.

1. In some clinical trials, natural ADHD remedies have been
shown to work as well as drugs at reducing symptoms of attention deficit
disorder and Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorder. These symptoms include
restlessness, irritation, forgetfulness, hyperactivity, inability to focus,
tendency to have temper tantrums and outbursts.  

2. Natural ADHD remedies for hyperactivity usually have no
side effects.  Also, it’s important to
note that besides the short-term side effects of ADHD drugs listed by the pharmaceutical
companies, the long-term side effects of some drugs is not yet known.

3. Drugs do not heal ADHD, they only suppress the symptoms.
In contrast, some natural, herbal ADHD remedies, if properly formulated, might
have the potential to heal the brain with regular use over time. 

Best over-the-counter natural ADHD nootropics supplements

1). Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro provides science-backed
nootropics for ADHD alongside additional support for attention, mood, and

the primary Universal Nootropic, Mind Lab Pro is also marked as the best
non-stimulant whole-brain performance booster & dopamine supplement
exceeding sharper attention to encourage learning, stress resistance,
unwinding, mental health, attention, focus and more.


  • Cognizin
    (Patented Citicoline)
  • Phosphatidylserine
    (PS) as sharp PS-green
  • Lion’s
    Mane Mushroom as Full Spectrum Extract
  • Bacopa
    Monnieri 24% bacosides with 9 bioactives
  • Rhodiola
    Rosea (3% rosavins/1% Salidrosides)
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine
  • Maritime
    Pine Bark Extract
  • Suntheanine
  • Vinpocetine
  • Nutrigenesis
    B6, B9, B12

enthusiasts have also tested Mind Lab Pro potentially marking it as one of the
best holistic ways of treating ADHD without stimulants.

  • Greater
  • Quicker
    information processing
  • Greater
    mental lucidity
  • Lessened
    stress & anxiety
  • Enhanced
    stress resistance
  • Better
    memory recall and retention
  • Neurogenesis
  • Brain
    cell protection

2). Brain Pill

Brain Pill is definitely amongst the most
all-inclusive otc nootropic supplement beneficial for ADD & forgetfulness.
It provides an amazing blend of efficacious, potent nootropics, herbal medicines.
Each ingredient undergoes thorough testing in clinical trials. Brain Pill
improves attention, memory function, enhances learning capacity, lessens
stress, aids neurogenesis, and shields the brain from oxidative stress. This is
complete brain optimization.

  1. Helps
    arm your brain with the capacity to regulate stress
  2. Enhances
  3. Aids
    in minimizing distractions
  4. Refines
    your memory
  5. Promotes
    fast learning

Its ingredients are:- Cognizin, Tyrosine, L theanine, PS
(Phosphatidylserine), Bacopa Monnieri Synapsa, Huperzine A, Gingko Biloba, Vinpocetine,
DHA Complex, Vitamins B5, B6, B9, B12.

3). Citicoline – Cognizin®

Since 1970 prescription medications containing citicoline
have been available as nootropics and psychostimulants. But now, special
compounds of citicoline are available in non-prescription form in herbal
supplements like Mind Lab Pro.

Cognizin® Citicoline is a highly effective, enhanced and
patented form of citicoline, a non-prescription nootropic.

Make sure you receive a substantial dose of daily Cognizin®
to ensure you have the mental edge throughout your day.

4). Tyrosine

This natural substance is famous for super swift memory
recall, even under stressful situations making it a vital one of a kind nootropic ingredient in several natural ADHD

With several clinical studies backing it, tyrosine has
become very popular cognitive function enhancer, for kids & adults alike
and as a safe alternative to ADHD drugs like Strattera, Ritalin, Vyvanse etc.  

5). L-theanine

is a soothing amino acid that originates from tea leaves.  L-theanine increases calmness, Upbeat, Focus,
Relaxation, Attention and can tentatively improve your attention span and

is amongst the top otc brain-boosting ingredients and substitute for Adderall. The
best-quality version of theanine is probably Suntheanine, a remarkable patented
variety of l-theanine.

6). Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is often employed in natural supplements due
to its well-recognized positive effects on the human brain and nervous system.
Ginkgo has been used typically to enhance mental performance and give a boost
to focusing capability by strengthening neurotransmitter function and blood
flow to the brain.

The everyday warning signs of inattentive ADHD such as
restlessness and lack of concentration seem to considerably decrease with
ginkgo along with other herbal products in specified research studies. When
combined with ADHD drugs like Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse etc. it has been
helpful to ease irritability, anxiety and frustration.   

7). Phosphatidylserine (PS)

Phosphatidylserine (PS) performs a vital role to maintain
good cellular function in the brain. It has been shown to increase attention,
language skills and remembrance, even in older people with decreasing cognitive

It’s also been examined and proven to help adolescents with
attention problems. That’s why natural ADHD supplements like Mind Lab Pro and
Brain Pill incorporate this attention and concentration booster.

8). Bacopa Monnieri

A fundamental element of traditional Indian medicine for
hundreds of years, Bacopa Monnieri boosts intelligence and memory. Indian
students would drink tea with bacopa leaves that would help them recollect
massive amounts of information with superhuman recall.

Synapsa is a powerful patented Bacopa Monnieri extract often
found in natural ADHD products. A daily dose of this powerful ingredient can
ignite rapid recall and super sharp memory, even for somebody with memory

9). Omega 3 Fish

found in the form of fish oil, omega-3s are considered amongst the most
-researched supplement for ADHD. Several studies show the benefits of Omega 3
Fish Oil in hyperactivity, attention, or impulsivity.

there is still doubt about the optimal dose and how to administer it. The
essential omega-3 fatty acids are EPA and DHA, which are found on most product
labels. I suggest a total of 1,000 mg. of EPA plus DHA (combine both) for
little children, 2,000 mg. for adolescents, and 1,500 mg. for those in the
middle. There should be 1.5 to 2 times as much EPA as DHA.  

10). Huperzine A

One of the most powerful anti-aging, brain boosting
nootropic is this memory-enhancing ingredient Huperzine A.

Found in the Chinese herb, Huperzia Serrata, this ingredient
has undergone several clinical studies, and enhances human growth hormone in
the body. Huperzine A is scientifically tested to enhance memory, even for
people with memory problems.

11). Maritime Pine
Bark Extract

Pine Bark Extract offers a potent antioxidant complex, including OPCs that are
tipped to support dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain, according to
research on ADHD – thus preserving neurotransmitters necessary for improved

12). Magnesium

mineral indirectly enhances attention, as well as reduces hyperactivity and
agitation, which compromise attention. Magnesium helps children with a rebound
effect after their stimulant medication subsides. Children can safely take
100-300 mg. of elemental magnesium twice a day best taken as magnesium glycinate,
citrate, or chelate. The citrate form usually prompts loose stools.

Vitamins, herbs & other nutrients

Besides above-mentioned ingredients, certain vitamins &
nutrients help in managing symptoms of ADHD and for focus eg. Vitamin B9,
Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron, Inositol, GABA, acetyl-l-carnitine, DHA (EPA) complex, DMAE
etc. Herbs like ginseng, passionflower, St John’s wort, pycnogenol and certain
over-the-counter focus meds may also help calm hyperactivity.

Alternatives to caffeine as ADHD remedy

is an organic stimulant that increases the amount of dopamine in the brain.
This answers the question as to why so many adult ADHD sufferers say they
couldn’t live without it.  

attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD or ADD), typical treatments
include stimulant medication, which has a similar effect. The impacts of
caffeine intake on ADHD are highly anecdotal. While the stimulant can calm some
adult ADHD sufferers, it increases anxiety in others.  

above mentioned non-stimulant calming nootropics and some pills available at
GNC like Alpha Brain, Focus Factor etc. too work great as high functioning ADHD
treatment and as caffeine-alternatives.


More and more people are beginning to learn about natural
ADD pills & ADHD supplements. They are looking to buy alternatives to
stimulants eg. Ritalin, Cylert, Strattera, Vayarin and Dexedrine, or antidepressants
such as Desipramine, Wellbutrin. Even high-profile celebrities, or politicians
like Donald Trump were reported to use products like Adderall to improve their

ADHD-friendly supplements & non pharmacological
treatments for inattentive ADHD are helpful for focus & calming for
overcoming ADHD, but they do not have the immediate and powerful effect on ADHD
symptoms that psychostimulants medication does. It is hard to quantify the
effectiveness of these remedies but they have far fewer side effects than medication,
and less potential for severe side effects.

How long will it take to see results after starting a
supplement? This varies a lot. Some families claim that they saw improvement
within days of starting fish oil; other families didn’t see any improvement
after a month. It’s advisable to wait a few months before deciding whether or
not supplements are helpful.

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