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Arthritis diet: The 13p tea to reduce painful symptoms of arthritis


There are many simple lifestyle changes you can make to help manage arthritis. Could this herbal tea reduce inflammation and help with painful joints?

Arthritis is a very common condition caused by swelling around your joints and damage to the cartilage that keeps your joints moving.

The most common type of arthritis in the UK is osteoarthritis, which is most common in people over the age of 40, and most prevalent in women.

If you suspect you might have arthritis, it’s best to speak to your GP about possible treatments available for you.

Changes to your diet, such as cutting out foods known to cause inflammation, and eating more foods with anti-inflammatory properties, are often recommended to people with arthritis.

Some people with arthritis will also be advised to lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight, as being heavier can put more strain on your joints.

Could this 13p tea help to reduce arthritis pain?

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The evidence available at the moment has focused on studies where participants take a more concentrated rosehip extract.

However, if you prefer to drink rosehip tea you can pick up a bag of 20 teabags for just £2.59 from Holland & Barrett.

Alternatively, you can try brewing your own dried rosehips in boiling water.

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