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All the Reasons Why Ginger Tea is Good for Your Health


When we’re feeling run down or have a pesky head-cold, many of us reach for a hot cup of herbal tea. Acting as the perfect winter beverage for sick days, a cup of ginger tea is not only comforting and warming but is also linked to a range of health benefits.

But how much of ginger’s purported health claims are backed by science? Here’s everything you need to know about the humble root herb.

An ancient herb

Believed to have been produced and used to treat ailments by the Indians and Chinese some 5,000 years ago, ginger has long been recognised for its medicinal properties.

While ginger and other herbs like turmeric may be touted as cure-alls, scientific studies do not support all the claims you may see online, particularly claims around preventing cancer. However, there is growing evidence to support ginger’s effectiveness as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, along with a string of other health benefits.

Reducing inflammation

Reported to exhibit analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, ginger has been used to reduce the symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. While conflicting clinical studies position ginger as more of therapeutic medicine, a cup of ginger tea could be a beneficial home remedy for mild muscle and joint aches.

Relieving nausea

Another health benefits ginger offers is relieving the symptoms of nausea. Attributed to its carminative properties, which break up intestinal gas, ginger can offer the alleviation of motion sickness and morning sickness with no adverse side effects.

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Improving digestion

According to Medical News Today, ginger may also aid in alleviating or preventing constipation thanks to its enzymes, trypsin and pancreatic lipase.

Other studies have shown ginger can improve gastric motility; the process in which your food travels down through your digestive tract. In short, ginger could offer some relief to the symptoms of indigestion making it a great alternative to standard antacids.

Source: Eating Well

Can ginger help with a cold or flu?

One of the most common beliefs around ginger and its health benefits is that the root herb can help speed up your recovery from the common cold or flu. Unfortunately, there isn’t comprehensive research to support this claim. Instead, ginger as a cure for the cold is built on anecdotal investigations.

Nonetheless, the warming effects of ginger can offer some relief to a sore throat and ginger’s antimicrobial properties could assist in treating strep throat and helping to ward off bacterial infections.

Can ginger help with weight loss?

Another proposed benefit ginger is believed to offer is improved weight loss. Again, research is mixed and so this health benefit stands on shaky ground. According to Medical News Today, studies around using powdered ginger tablets to achieve weight loss did show some promising results with participants reporting decreased appetite as a result of the ginger tablets.

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