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Alkaline Diet, Fat Loss Tea


  • 2020 was just as full of diet myths and bad nutrition advice as any other. 
  • This year, evidence has emerged against claims about immune-boosting superfoods, fat-loss teas, and celebrity diets. 
  • New research has also complicated previous hot topics like intermittent fasting, vegan diets, and whether coffee is healthy. 
  • These are the top diet and nutrition myths that were disproven in 2020. 
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Nutrition advice is constantly changing, with competing, and even contradictory, recommendations appearing from reputable sources.

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, this year was no exception. Nutrition advice took on a new urgency in 2020 as people tried to find the best diet to protect against the coronavirus (spoiler alert: there isn’t one). New fad diets like the Mayr Method also emerged, and old ones like the alkaline diet resurfaced. 

At the same time, new research has changed what we thought we knew about ongoing trends like intermittent fasting and veganism, as well as never-ending debates about dietary standbys like coffee, alcohol, and sugar. 

Here are the top diet myths Insider debunked in 2020. 

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