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Ageing and skincare – 5 habits might be causing your skin to age and wrinkle


Avoid these habits to get healthy, younger-looking skin

Avoid these habits to get healthy, younger-looking skin&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspiStock Images

Key Highlights

  • Skin is one of the most sensitive organs of the human body

  • Ageing also affects the quality, texture, and health of the skin

  • Here are some habits that might cause premature ageing

New Delhi: Wanting beautiful, younger-looking skin is a pre-existing desire. From resorting to expensive skincare to opting for grandma’s hand-picked home remedies, this yearning has often led people to various places, sometimes even the desperate ones. However, desperation cannot guarantee favourable outcomes. Skin, despite being the outer covering of the human body, is one of the most sensitive organs. Not taking proper care of it may result in its damage. 

Just like any other part of the body, ageing also affects the quality, texture, and health of the skin. While undertaking precautionary measures in the initial stages can lower the short-term and long-term impact of inevitable ageing, certain habits can also catalyse the process resulting in early wrinkles, fine lines, and other forms of skin damage and signs of premature ageing. 

Skin damaging habits

The following habits might be damaging your skin:

  1. Not changing bed and pillow covers: We know that changing the pillow covers and bedsheets might slip the mind due to a hectic schedule. But did you know that dust particles, dead skin, and other particulate matter often tends to get stuck on the linen over time? Sleeping on old linen can cause acne, rashes, irritation, etc that can result in premature ageing and skin damage. 
  2. Smoking: If there are not enough reasons to quit smoking already, let us add skin damage to the list. Lifestyle is an important factor in determining skin health. Not only can smoking lead to premature ageing, but it can also cause dry skin, hyperpigmentation, darkened lips, and dullness.
  3. Not staying hydrated and rested: Supple skin is considered a prominent indicator of healthy skin. To achieve the same, it is essential to keep it moisturized. Dry skin tends to lose its texture thereby resulting in wrinkles and fine lines. Therefore, it’s important to stay well hydrated throughout the day. Furthermore, inadequate sleep can affect the skin resulting in dullness and eyebags. To avoid this, an adequate amount of uninterrupted sleep must be ensured. 
  4. Not being flexible and consistent with skincare: Inconsistent skincare routine will yield partial or negligible results. For instance, following a night-time skincare routine only twice every week will not benefit the skin as much as a daily routine would. Apart from being consistent, it is also important to be flexible and update the skincare seasonally. For instance, the requirements for a durable moisturizer may increase during the winter season as compared to summers. 
  5. Unnecessarily poking and touching skin: If you are a habitual zit popper, it’s time to stop for the sake of your skin. Apart from putting your skin at risk of sustaining scars, marks, and injuries, using home remedies, sharp tools, nails, fingers, and other self-regulated methods to extract whiteheads/blackheads and pop pimples can result in premature ageing of the skin. Furthermore, try to keep your hands to yourself and avoid touching the face with dirty hands.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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