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A Shea Butter For Skin That Actually Works


We laughed on Zoom recounting her memory of how the early prototype worked its magic on her daughter Grace’s skin, but it was obvious that Alocoshé was more than another at home remedy borne out of necessity—Alocoshé was a reason to bring her family together. All of her children have been involved in the process from the beginning. Grace, who has amassed 1.1M followers on TikTok, handles the marketing, Esther is in charge of design, their brother Joshua is the website developer, Ruth serves as Chief Administrator, and Mary finds time to help while at college. “My whole hope eventually is to be able to support women. And I believe that other women, other girls, seeing an old woman like me doing something late in life will be of encouragement. Age should not be a barrier. Your accent should not be a barrier, whatever you think is a problem should not be a barrier; if you put your mind to it, you can do it.” Amaku is intent on creating legacies not only for her own family but for the women in Nigeria who work for Alocoshé extracting the shea butter. “We plan to help them by providing scholarships for their children, purchasing mechanized equipment to facilitate the extraction process,” Amaku explained. 

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